A Beautiful Rainbow in Iguaçu

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Iguacu waterfalls
Iguacu waterfalls

Foz do Iguaçu city centre can be surrounded by a vehicle about 10 minutes. From here, Argentina and Paraguay just a stone’s throw, separated by a distance of several kilometres.

It’s a small town, we only had one shopping. If you want to buy electronic goods, cheaper in Paraguay. If you want to shop clothes, get to Argentina. Shopping is named Cataritas JL, located on the main street, Avenida Costa e Silva. The building is simple, but look at the toilet in general, you are guaranteed to surprise, the conditions are like toilets in five star hotels.

Once inside breezy flowers inhalation, not from a spray bottle that automatically ejects steam smothering, but from a series of fresh flowers such as lilies, roses, daisies and some wild flowers typical of Brazil placed in clear vases in different corners of the room. The bathroom has a special dressing room, with seating and glass, the floor is so shiny until we get the mirror.

Maybe this invisible wealth owned by residents of the city Foz. Location city they are located at the end of the world, but the level of civility of its citizens is beyond the standard big city. Not only cleanliness is maintained, but also discipline in queue, prioritizing people with disabilities, in keeping public facilities and hospitality in treating foreigners, even though most of the population does not speak English.

Magnet of Iguacu waterfalls

Foz tangible wealth is located in the heart of the Iguaçu National Park. Iguacu waterfalls became a magnet perpetual siphon millions of visitors every year from all over the world. The falls are located on the border of Argentina Brazil and is made of 275 cataract related to each other, the height is 75 meters and a length of about 3 kilometres. This invaluable richness standardized as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986.

When the bus crossed the main road through the silent National Park, the roar of water was heard from several kilometres before. At a stopover point, the view presented in front of the eye makes breathing hard. Lined waterfalls such a massive flood of water stretched. Outpouring of rushing water to form a large lake. From place to stand, rubber boats that pass around the curtain falls blindly tossed like dots which forced flow.

Suddenly emerging from the water surface layer of red, yellow, green. That Rainbow. Beautiful arch was like dancing in the water foaming white. Quiet corner of the original stop changing invaded frenzied traveller seeking crammed best positioned to capture the events of that nature. Beautiful dish was reminiscent of postcard images that are sold in the shops souvenirs.

The path in the woods has been made easier, with cement footing, as well as wood and iron fence for extra support. Wild animals roam free. The most fun approach is quatis, animals like skunks posture has an adorable fur. But be careful, though accustomed to human presence, they can strike suddenly, especially with visitors who bring food.

After walking about two kilometres up and down under the shade of tall trees and the type of Araucaria Peroba-Rosa, arrived at a stopover point leading, dealing in close proximity to the falls.

Here provided the platform that juts up close to the water curtain. We could walk through the mist of water and feel close to the awesomeness of “Devil’s Throat” (Garganta do Diabo), a waterfall with great force into a niche that is very deep. That’s why the Indians Brazil has in the past called the “Devil’s Throat”. Prepare to be amazed watch style mini masterpiece.

When the fence was silence from the crowd, I learned to look into the depths. And it was a beautiful rainbow came back with a bias arch of red, green, yellow. But this time the rainbow did not want to stay long. When visitors came over and turn the camera running, the arch disappeared in swallowing white froth.

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