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Bora Bora Cruise – Bora Bora is one in every of world’s most romantic and idyllic destinations. With sugar-white beaches, lush landscapes, jewelry of coral islets and turquoise-blue laguna, the corrupting charms of this Pacific playground are simple.

Since you will be inward by ship for Bora Bora Cruise, it should be an honest plan to hop a chopper and see however beautiful the island is from the sky. desire a complete Bora Bora experience? heavier-than-air craft up to Mount Pahia and hike backtrack. Or if you are feeling up to the challenge you’ll be able to hike up and hike down. Either approach the views from atop of this wizardly mountain square measure otherworldly!

Miami Florida Port

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Before we review Bora Bora Cruise from Florida, here are things to do in Bora Bora :

Sporting Adventures

Break out the flippers associate degreed associate degree underwater camera! it might be downright silly to return to an island like this and not sign-up for a few underwater journeys. There are loads of skin diving and skin-dive tours offered. And if you’d choose to explore on your own – dive in! you will be greeted by many another devilfish and too several tropical fish to count.

Get a style of native Flavor

There is unit many places to prevent for a snack on Bora Bora and a couple of fine eating choices likewise. Fish and fruit area unit the celebs here – you will find them ready with French flavors and Polynesian accents. If you are looking for a romantic dinner for 2 make certain to decision ahead. Remember, the majority World Health Organization come back here area unit craving for a romantic dinner for 2.

Things to do in Bora Bora

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Shopping for Bargains

The tiny harbor city of Vaitape may be an excellent spot to buy for t-shirts and trinkets and is barely a brief walk from the dock. If you are treasure attempting to find black pearls, you will find some purchasable here otherwise you will search out the opposite outlets around the island that concentrate on the glamorous crystal.

Other Fun Things to do in Bora Bora

Before you want to know Bora Bora cruise ship schedule, below are things to do in Bora Bora you should know:

Island by LE Truck

Onboard “Le Truck,” pass the district of Fa’anui and create a brief photograph stop at Fa’anui Bay. Visit the traditional ceremonial website Fa’anui Marae to find out regarding the pareo, the standard wrap around and sample exotic fruits. create another photograph stop at Taihi purpose. At Mama Edna’s place, attempt native food specialties, yet as purchase refreshments and native pareos. From a lookout purpose, see Mt. Otemanu. go past the Club Master of Education Village before reaching Matira Beach and Bloody Mary’s building.

Glass Bottom Boat

Journey across the lake and find out about the marine life from your guide. relish views of Bora Bora higher than the water line. look around a glass window to check tropical fish. Before heading back to the pier, a crewmember can dive below the boat and feed faculties of fish right before your eyes. A roof provides you with protection from the sun and eliminates glare.

Bora Bora Cruise

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Bora Bora Cruise Line From Florida

No town within the US has evolved into as several disparate identities in this short a time as has Miami. a little over 100 years past this former Spanish settlement, situated on the Miami watercourse wherever it spills into Biscayne Bay (now the middle of the town of Miami), attracted neither interest nor population. that is graspable since up till that time, the sole thanks to reaching Miami was by boat.

147 Night Bora Bora Cruise From Miami Florida
By Regent Seven Seas Cruises

For Bora Bora cruise from Florida, you can try best 147-night cruise use Regent Seven Seas Cruises with the Itinerary departs from  Miami Florida and cruise to Grand Cayman, Cartagena Columbia, Corinto, Acapulco via the Pacific Ocean to Kauai, Honolulu, Maui and then Bora Bora.

Some Regent Seven Seas Navigator Cruise Reviews For Bora Bora Cruise From Florida

Ports of decision were smart – not excellent! Why stop at locations that don’t have anything to offer? associate degree example woud be town, Hawaii. The destination personnel weren’t well trained. Priority guests weren’t treated like priorities!

Overall, the trip was nice. Negatives ar few, however pretty major. cut House was having major inconsistency problems. we have a tendency to went there double. each our visits had identical problems. cut house was terribly dissatisfactory.

Despite missing Bermuda and adding daily in the big apple and an additional ocean day, this cruise was terribly nice. The service was wonderful. The tours were well organized. leaving and debarkation went swimmingly. The food is sweet and well bestowed. we have a tendency to had not been on the Navigator since it absolutely was refurbished and thought the ornament overall was terribly pleasant.

That is our review about Bora Bora Cruise from Miami Florida. If you want to plan to visit Bora Bora island by cruise, we just say, Have a nice trip!


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