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Florida Facts For Kids – For knowledge for you or your kids, there are some unique facts about Florida that you can share with them.

You probably already know that Florida is the 27th state to join America in 1845, and is currently the third most populous state and has the longest beach in America etc. But there are many other cool things about Florida, here are some interesting facts about Florida.

Find 15 Florida Facts For Kids Below

The Name of Florida

The first Florida Facts for kids is The name of Florida. Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León landed near Saint Augustine in 1513 a few days after Easter. To commemorate the holy day and plants that live in the area; the area was given the name Florida from the Spanish phrase for Easter season, Pascua Florida which means “flower party”. This name is Europe’s oldest name in the US

Venice of America

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is considered Venice from America because it has more than 300 miles of inland water that can be navigated.

Venice America - Florida facts for kids

Strange Law in Florida

The next Florida Facts for kids is strange law in Florida. In Florida it is illegal to sing in public places wearing swimsuits; Men are not allowed to wear strapless clothes (not shoulder straps) in public, and also illegal for unlicensed skateboards in Florida.

Two Rivers With The Same Name

Florida is the only country with two rivers of the same name. There is Withlacoochee in North Central Florida (Madison County) and Withlacoochee in Central Florida, having nothing in common except names.

Silly festival

The next Florida Facts for kids is the Silly festival. Every once a year, Florida people stand on the border and throw dead fish into Alabama. This is the annual Mullet Toss event organized by Flora-Bama Beach Bar in Pensacola.

Marine space station

There is a “marine space station” in Florida, a permanent underwater laboratory about 3.5 miles from the coast of Florida.

Underwater laboratory in Florida
Underwater laboratory in Florida

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Send a post with a rocket

The United States post office sent a letter with a rocket in 1959 and was successfully sent from New Jersey to Florida in just 22 minutes.

Secret Disneyland

Disneyland in Orlando is a city built between two cities. Disney has petitioned the Florida Parliament to let them organize their own territory, making Disney World a separate city.

Former capital of ‘winter film’

Jacksonville was once referred to as the “winter film capital of the world,” but conservative residents reject the film industry and move to southern California.

Cigar capital

The city of Ybor was once considered the cigar capital in the world with nearly 12,000 workers in about 200 factories. The city produces around 700 million cigars every year when the industry is in its prime.


The next Florida Facts for kids is about race. It might conflict with what you believe, the most important annual car race is not in Indiana but here, in Florida at Daytona International Speedway where the Daytona 500 is held.

Daytona race track in Florida
Daytona race track in Florida

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Florida has many springs

Florida has more than 700 natural springs scattered throughout the state, suitable for swimming, exploring, scuba diving or just to relax enjoying the scenery.

Orange juice

Florida produces more than 60 percent of oranges for America, most of it is made into juice for breakfast friends. Orange juice also happens to be a Florida state drink.

florida as World Golf Capital
Florida as World Golf Capital

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World Golf Capital

Florida beats other states in the number of golf courses. This is not surprising, because you can play almost every day of the year.

The capital of Millionaires in America

The next Florida Facts for kids is the capital of millionaires in America. Many cities in Florida are on the Forbes list for millionaire capitals in America. Fisher Island and Palm Beach enter 20 cities across the US with the highest net worth.

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