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Punta Cana Travel Tips – Punta Cana located in Dominican Republik is home to white-sand seas, world-class golf courses, and year-round sunlight. The part boasts numerous all-inclusive beachfront resorts that cater to categories, adults, and honeymooners. Regular flights connect the U.S. and Europe with Punta Cana International Airport, and you can get around via taxis, bus, and organized tours.

Punta cana dominican republic travel tips

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Why Go to Punta Cana ?

Before you know some Punta Cana travel tips, you should know why go to Punta Cana? The sugary beach of a Punta Cana beach is so soft, so perfectly gilded that you might think it was synthetic. And in fact, in this easternmost tip-off of the Dominican Republic, it’s possible. By interpretation, Punta Cana is a manufactured Caribbean getaway, absolutely catering of the requirements of sun-seeking vacationers who like all-inclusive resorts but upkeep little about daring away from their hotel.

But this area is not just popular for its inexhaustible lodging and extensive amenities — Punta Cana pulls to jet-setters because it adds so many options( more than 24,000 hotel rooms) for the purposes of the economical frequencies. Many travelers are able to volume a weeklong trip that includes airfare, lodging, dinners and some recourse acts, for much less than $1,000 per person in the shoulder seasons. While this end isn’t definitely the more extreme, tourists can get their complete of stimulates hiking to Hoyo Azul or taking on challenging golf courses like Punta Espada or La Cana. Overall, this reasonably priced, Caribbean hideout is realized for travelers of all ages aiming a relaxing turn from the norm.

Best time travel to Punta Cana

The first Punta Cana travel tips is know when you should go to Punta Cana. The better time to visit Punta Cana is between December and April, when daytime temperatures average 80 magnitudes. The high season peaks in March, as do the inn frequencies – it’s a popular age for springtime divulge students. Hurricane season is June to November, when the brave is sizzling and sultry. Fortunately, prolonged rainfall is unusual in Punta Cana, and while there might be occasional showers, the region enjoys sunshine and heated temperatures throughout the year.

Not to miss in Punta Cana

Punta Cana has 100 km of coastline, often of which boasts elongates of white beach sipped by turquoise sprays. Bavaro is a centre of task with all-inclusive resorts, tables, restaurants, and an award-winning coast. On the eastern tip-off, Cap Cana is a tranquil oasis. Oceanfront golf courses, colorful coral reefs, and the annual Punta Cana Carnival are among the other reasons to visit.

Getting around

The next Punta Cana travel tips is Punta Cana International Airport receives year-round contract and scheduled flights from the United States and Europe. You can volume local taxis in advance or catch one from international airports, but it’s best to agree a price before the pilgrimage. It’s easy to leased a auto, though driving in Punta Cana can be stressful because of a lack of superhighway guidelines. For a cheaper, local experience, hop on a bus- but don’t expect a regular service.

Is it safe to swim in the Caribbean Sea?

As with any quality task, it is always advisable to be cautious and aware of your surrounds. Not all seas in the Dominican Republic have lifeguards, so sometimes it was possible to up to you to look after your own safety. Be smart, follow any rules that may be in place at the coast, check the local brave and sea conditions, and don’t do anything to harm the natural environment. When swimming, make sure you stay within the designated swimming regions as there are often buoys to disconnect the boats and sea boasts acts from the swimmers. The seas in Bavaro are obviously worth checking out.

cuisine in punta cana - punta cana dominicans republic travel tips


What’s Punta Cana Travel tips about cuisine? Dominican food is a yummy mix of African, European and indigenous forces which converged in the Caribbean island of Hispaniola to offer up an delicate selection of fish, plantains, yucca, rice, chicken, nuts and all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. If the saying exits,” While in Rome, do as the Romans do ,” then best available advice we can give you is this: when in the Dominican Republic, eat as the Dominicans eat. Too, some inn restaurants require you make reservations, especially for dinner, so remember to check with your Amstar representative or the restaurants sector to see if you need a reservation.

In the all-inclusive resorts, you’ll find international dining options with a wide selection of American, European, and Asian recipes. Blood-red nuts, rice, and plantains are common items on local menus, and national favorites include mofongo( deep-fried plantain) and chicharron de pollo( fried chicken ). Foodies will love the annual Punta Cana Wine and Food Festival, which showcases the region’s gastronomy, including tests of locally realized rum.

Facts in Dominican Republic :

  • Spoken languages: Spanish and English
  • Population: 100000
  • Phone calling code: +1 809, 829, 849
  • Emergency number: 006
  • Electrical: 120 volts, 60 Hz, plug kind A, B

Thus out information about Punta Cana travel tips, our suggest plan your trip and travel on advance. So enjoy your vacation.

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