Saint Petersburg – The Cultural Capital of Rusia

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Saint Petersburg Russia
Saint Petersburg Russia

Saint Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. Many old buildings here that adorn Word Heritage Sites list. The rate of economic development is less strong than Moscow, but as a tourist destination, the city nicknamed the “Paris from the East” is the most popular in the land of Russia. And they are more famous after FC Zenit football team won the UEFA Cup in 2008.


What To See in Saint Petersburg Russia

The State Hermitage Museum is second largest museum in the world after the French Louvre. Built with Russian Baroque architecture, this museum houses masterpieces of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The Hermitage is also listed in the Guinness World Records as the museum with the largest collection in the world.

Vasilevskiy Ostrov is home to prestigious institutions sort of Saint Petersburg State University, and the stock exchange passenger Sea Port. The island had been the heart of the city of Saint Petersburg, but because it is a separate sea, this area should be quite satisfied with the educational and intellectual center of the predicate.

The church of our Saviour on Spilled Blood is always a favourite picture hunter was established to commemorate the killing of Emperor Alexander II in 1881. A church which has stunning mosaic decoration was built by the royal family and thousands of donors.

Saint Petersburg Russia has over 300 bridges, but there are four of the most famous, reputedly believed to be the most romantic place to propose to your partner. They are the Palace Bridge that connects between Palace Square and Strelka, Anichkov Fontaka Bridge across the river, Lomonosov Bridge which was built in 1780, and Bank Bridge which passes the Griboedov canal.

Where to Stay in Saint Petersburg Russia

Founded two centuries ago, The Kempisnski Hotel Moika 22 soars majestically in the main channel Moika Embankment, as if challenging the Palace Square and the State Hermitage Museum opposite.

This hotel has been named as “the most romantic hotel” by Forbes, Hotel Astoria offers 211 luxury rooms are stylish but still homey. Founded a century ago, the hotel never closed during World War 1 and used as a military base by Lenin.

Hotel Vera is a friendly accommodation at the tourist pockets. Art Nouveau-style hotel has 44 en-suite rooms and home atmosphere.

Where to eat in Saint Petersburg Russia

Demidov serves up a recipe of Peter the Great. Located in the prettiest part of Saint Petersburg Russia, Fontanka river in a row, Demidov decorated with antic interiors with walls and a roof that covered classical paintings. Every night, the restaurant with a capacity of 75 people with lively performances and Russian Gipsy Romance.

Russian Vodka Room No.. 1 is the first in Saint Petersburg restaurant serving typical chicken Kiev Soviet and Russian salad. Rumochnaya also available, where you can sample a variety of selections of traditional Russian vodka and snacks.

Seven seas offer a variety of seafood and Italian dishes. Cuban cigars are also available as your friend warm night. Sevenseas program held by Baila conmigo dance performance which is always crowded with visitors.

Where to Shop in Saint Petersburg Russia

Chocolate Museum – but it’s not a museum. There are various artistic items are all made of chocolate, such as a set of chess game to figure Lenin. Even more remarkable, entirely handmade.

Grand Palace – the Grand Palace to present to satisfy the deep pockets. More than 80 world-renowned labels sold here, ranging from Max Mara, Dior to Lacroix. In addition to fashion products, it also has a salon boutique and five-star restaurants.

Shop Onegin – Many tourists stop by to shop Onegin before they leave Saint Petersburg Russia. Two-storey building was packed with knick-knacks like Russian Matryoshka dolls. The price varied for all segments make Onegin very popular for travellers.


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