The Beauty of Malaga as “Costa del Sol”

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Malaga – “Costa Del Sol”

Malaga Spain - Costa del Sol
Malaga Spain – Costa del Sol

The beauty of Malaga as “Costa Del Sol” –  It’s no secret, when the Spanish “Matador country” to save a million charm of the exotic tourist areas are able to be awesome. One of them is the famous Malaga, located in the southern part of the country, Spain.

Malaga Spain is nicknamed Costa del Sol (Sun Coast), is a favorite destination for foreign tourists. The weather was clear and the sun is radiating soft make tourists feel comfortable.

The average year-round temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius. In summer, the temperature increased to 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. While in winter the temperature is never lower than 14 degrees Celsius during the day.

The Capital of the Costa del Sol is Malaga City. The position of the city right in the middle and split into two region, west and east sides. The most famous part of the West side of the city of Malaga is Marbella city. The view of the blue expanse of the Mediterranean sea is calm, complete with distinctive Spanish architecture style buildings along the coast and the green of the mountains was incredible.

For matters of taste indulgent dining at Marbella there are many restaurants with a variety of flavours. Ranging from Europe to Asia typical menu are all available. You can also try the delicious seafood dishes. Enjoy great lobster sweet and savoury staring blue charm of the Mediterranean.

Do not miss down the favourite destination Malaga City, the capital of the province of Malaga. Many interesting places in the city, namely the famous of painting maestro  Picasso Museum. Malaga is the birthplace of the great painter Picasso. There is also a historic site Alcazaba, the fortress of the Moorish heritage. Do not miss the El Pameral de Las Sorpreras which is an area shopping centers, shops and famous restaurants, and offers a variety of unique souvenirs Spain.

Marbella Malaga – Travel Center of The World Celebrity

Port of Puerto Banus, Marbella Malaga, these are the favourite tourist destination areas of the world famous celebrities. Call it the Antonio Banderas, David Beckham, Bruce Willis, and so on, often times taking the time to vacation here.

If you make a trip to Marbella in Malaga, do not miss this area. Rows of luxury cars parked at the edge of the harbour like a luxury car showroom. Hundreds of cars from various world renowned brands lined up neatly in this place. The pier at the beach, dozens of luxury yachts have been waiting for the owner’s leaning.

Impression as a vacation center of the jet set also growing stronger by the presence of fashion boutiques  top names such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and so on along the edge of the dock.

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