The Reasons to visit Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Visit Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Lumpur is one South east Asian City that proved itself to be highly attractive to tourists and it has plenty of assets to help it realize its lofty ambitions.

Live Music – Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions

The 1st reason to visit Kuala Lumpur – Malay music still dominates TV and the recording industry in Malaysia, however fresh alternatives can nowadays be found at a number of local bars and restaurants. The most renowned place at the moment is no black tie. This cozy venue was established by Sarawak born pianist Evelyn Hii. If you can’t get a seat here, then head down to Hakka Republic. This hip restaurant and bar hosts jazz, classical and soul music from Thursday to Saturday every week. Still need more options? Pay a visit to Alexis Ampang, OVO Live bistro or SevenAteNine.

Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions
Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions

Local Labels – Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions

The 2nd reason to visit Kuala Lumpur – No doubt plenty of international brands can be found on sale in your own country, and aside from the Malaysia Mega Sale carnival, you’d do well to avoid the city’s major malls and to instead seek out shops specializing in local creations. One recently opened outlet that you ought to scout out is Area 27 (right side of the Fahrenheit 88 mall).

Area 27 is a concept store owned by Bernard Chandran, a designer who shot to fame after coming to the attention of international celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Area 27 sells eccentic footwear, gothic accessories and pop art T-shirts. Another decent shopping option is Publika, a middle class mall that boasts a decidedly artistic feel inside and which stocks plenty of local labels. Publika is located 15 minutes northwest of the city center.

Cruising The Capital – Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions

The 3rd reason to visit Kuala Lumpur – The name Putrajaya is taken from Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Malaysia’s first prime minister, and this city’s history are a lot like that of Brasilia. A city built from scratch which amazes its visitors with its spectacular architecture. Buses are available for exploring Putrajaya but if you yearn for a few romantic photo ops, then a pleasure boat cruise is probably a better option. A cruise Tasik Putrajaya pleasure boat ride will take you up onto Lake Putrajaya and under five of Putrajaya’s seven bridges. Putrajaya lies 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.

National Visual Arts Gallery – Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions

The 4th reason to visit Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia recently celebrated the fifty fifth anniversary of its independence and the forty ninth anniversary of the formation of the Federation of Malaya. One place where you can take a look at the state of this fascinating nation as it went through its various transformations is the national visual arts Gallery. The first floor displays some very large works created by local artists and history of local comics, while the second and third floors regularly feature temporary exhibitions.

Bus Tour – Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions

The 5th reason to visit Kuala Lumpur – Particularly suitable for first time visitors to Kuala Lumpur, the Hop on Hop off City Tour bus takes in more than 30 major tourist sites, starting from the Bukit Bintang shopping district and continuing on to the Petronas.

Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur bird park. Passengers are able to board and disembark from this fun double Decker bus at 31 stops around town. Most of the boarding points for the tour are bus stops decorated with small pink signs with the words “KL Hop-On-Hop-Off” printed on them. The Hop-On-Hop_off city tour usually takes about two hours, although you should allow for an extra hour in case of any traffic jams.

Kanching Waterfall – Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions

Kanching Waterfall Kuala Lumpur
Kanching Waterfall Kuala Lumpur

The 6th reason to visit Kuala Lumpur – The Hindu Shrine down at Batu Caves is one of the most popular places of worship in Malaysia and many visits the shrine, especially when Thaipusam is being celebrated. For a different experience though, try driving for 20 minutes is the direction of the Templer’s Park Forest Reserve,  which lies behind Batu Caves. Here you can enjoy a superb waterfall, which lies hidden in the middle of the forest. Indeed there’s not just one waterfall more here, but six. The first four levels, you will have to hike for 30 minutes along a dirt track. Avoid weekends though if you are hoping to enjoy a romantic moment. Batu caves can be reached by taxi or train from the city center.

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre – Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions

The 7th reason to visit Kuala Lumpur – The Kuala Lumpur performing arts center was inaugurated only six years ago, however the building that it occupies is around 200 years old. Originally the center was a workshop for handicrafts before becoming a railway shed. The building was damaged during world war two before being restored as a golf club in the late 1960’s. The two performance halls and ten studios down at KLPac regularly stage theatrical shows, musicals, standup comedy and dance performances. One of the Centre’s rooms, IndiCine, is dedicated to independent films made by local cinematographers.

Sepang Circuit – Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions

The 8th reason to visit Kuala Lumpur – Sepang circuit first opened to the public back in 1999 and has energized motor racing in Malaysia. Aside from the high profile F1 Grandprix and MotoGP race, Formula Cars, SIC Ninja Cup and Road Cars GT races can also be enjoyed down at Sepang for free. Drive along the small road to the right of the main gate and park behind the pit lane building. You can then climb up to the open balcony on the roof and take on the track. Before you do that though, stop by at the National Automobile Museum which sits to the right of the main gateway and check out its collection of vintage cars.

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