Unforgettable New Orleans

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Hotels in New Orleans
Hotels in New Orleans

The combination of the various cultures that make up the history of this city makes a thousand Orleans has a unique side hard to forget. The Unforgettable New Orleans.

New Orleans is a long history involving at least four nations. Founded in 1718 by a Frenchman on the banks of the Mississippi, the city was handed over to the Spanish Empire in 1762, then returned to France in the early 18th century. In a surprise decision, Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory to the United States.

Since then various nations have left its mark on the city of New Orleans. European immigrants who entered through the Port of New Orleans and the slaves from West Africa to assimilate with the native Indians and the descendants of French Creole and Spanish. All live together in New Orleans and the mix of cultures and walking naturally. Dance, music, art, fashion to culinary belong together and morphed into a unique culture of New Orleans and we know today.

Street Car Wonder in New Orleans

One of the best ways to enjoy New Orleans is to walk along the streetcar tram alias. Network streetcar in New Orleans is the oldest street railway system in the world that still operates to this day and only by spending money only $ 1.25, you can explore the city with one of the three channels available.

Want a satisfying hobby and have fun shopping? Pick a lane Canal Street Line that will bring you to the shopping and restaurants in the town centre as well as in the Central Business District. Visit The shops at Canal Place to experience first class shopping experience. Here you will be spoiled with luxury amenities while watching a movie, visit The Theatres at Canal Place that offers comfortable leather chairs, bar service and gourmet dining.

Last stop of Canal Street is City Park which is the exact purpose of the summer. In an area of 1300 hectares is you can enjoy the lush oak trees, beautiful lakes, to the diversity of fauna. The park is also the location of the New Orleans Botanical Garden, an urban sanctuary filled with a variety of exotic plants and flowers are blooming. Last but not least, visit the New Orleans Museum of Art is located right in the middle of City Park

Stepping up the Saint Charles streetcar to the path will take you to the historic area of the city and ended up in the Garden District. This area is known for its beautiful landscape filled with myrtle tree shade trees and ancient houses are beautiful. In this region also lies Loyola University and Tulane University are well known, and the Audubon Park and Audubon Zoo.

Historic French Quarter in New Orleans

Line Streetcar last, the riverfront line, will lead you to the French Quarter, one of the most famous in the city. The French Quarter is the oldest residential areas in New Orleans which was established in 1718 and on its way to be one location melting pot where different cultures meet, from France, Spain, Italy, Sicily, Africa, Ireland and more. Here’s the place where you can find the most festive parties to form an elegant residential harmony.

One major attraction is the French Quarter compelling European architecture and is still maintained today. Balcony-adorned balconies of wrought iron fencing and beautiful courtyard with lush greenery and fountains will definitely make you fascinated and could not get down the road in this area.

Centre crowd in the French Quarter is Jackson Square. Originally known as the Place d’Armes, the square was later renamed Jackson Square in honour of Andrew Jackson who became a hero in the Battle of New Orleans. Historic buildings surround this area, such as St.. Louis Cathedral which is the oldest Catholic cathedral in the United States, the Pontalba Apartments which is the oldest apartment buildings in the United States, until the Cabildo which is now home to the Louisiana State Museum. A fitting location to capture your presence in New Orleans in the camera shots.

Creative energy seemed inexhaustible in Jackson Square in the presence of the artists who perform his work, street performance displayed the musicians, in the presence of the fortune teller that will surely make you tempted to stop by and ask about the future. Do not forget to stop by the cafe du Monde are very famous.

Not far from the French Square, stood the French Market, an iconic market that was founded 300 years ago. Here is the right place to hunt for souvenirs in the form of art, jewellery, clothing distinctive to Latin America, West Africa and New Orleans. There is also a Farmer’s Market where you can buy a variety of fresh food, several restaurants, shops toys and candy store.

Tasty Traditional Foods in New Orleans

Too bad if you missed the culinary delights of New Western Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian tribe. Thick sauce of okra is cooked for hours in broth, onion, celery and bell pepper to pour it hot over rice really tempting. The variation is very diverse, ranging Shrimp, oysters, fresh shrimp, onion, green pepper and tomato chopped. The dishes are very rich in flavour, but also healthy and low in calories.

New Orleans is also known to have some of the popular classic sandwiches. One is a PO-boy, the French bread stuffed with roast beef, a type of gravy, and turkey or smoked Sauge. The PO – boy also often uses fried seafood and white sauce as a stuffing.

The Famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans

This area of New Orleans known as the most famous party destination in the world. But Bourbon Street is not just a place rah-rah and nightlife. At the end of this road there is also a traditional jazz club, upscale lounge in the historic restaurant.

Clearly, the main attraction is Bourbon Street as a place where people come to relax and enjoy the time. Recognizing this, the government of the city of New Orleans to make a pedestrian mall every night and Bourbon street was closed to vehicles so that visitors are free to walk while enjoying a beer or cocktail typical New Orleans as Hurricane or Hand Grenade. At the meeting of Bourbon Street and Canal street, a diverse group of brass band together and play music together, inviting people to dance in the open arena. Do not miss a condensed history of music at Bourbon Street. Visit the Music Legends Park (311 Bourbon Street), the oldest building in the French Quarter which now serves as a piano bar.

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