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Santa Clause Village
Santa Clause Village

Santa Claus Village Finland  – When you plan take a trip to Europe, Finland is one of the best destination. The air temperature is very cold in Finland. The temperature of minus 10 degrees temperature. Almost all cities in Finland in the blanket of snow. Even thought, the air temperature can reach minus 27 degrees Celsius, very cold.

Although very cold, but it did not dampen the party Pikkujoulu Finnish citizen or a little Christmas. Based on information from the local community, a small party Pikkojoulu the indigenous traditions of Finland. Usually the party is held at the time of Christmas.

Although Pikkujoulu tradition comes from Sweden in the 1880’s, but it became part of a small party of Christians Christmas celebrations in Finland, especially among young people and students.

Now that the Christmas festivities are no longer a small party, but it has become a tradition of Finnish citizens. They partied while eating a variety of dishes and drinks flavored glogi drink a kind of typical Finnish presented only in December. There are also Piparkakku, namely cinnamon flavor snacks.

In addition to a party of the people, Finland also has attractions that can be your reference for vacationing while celebrating Christmas. Tourism in question is Santa Claus Village. In this place, you can see up close some interesting deer snow or waiting for Santa Claus giving Christmas gifts.

Santa Claus Village is an amusement park for children and families near Rovaniemi, precisely in the area lap land, Finland. Santa Claus Village is located 8 kilometers north of Rovaniemi.

This place can be reached by riding the train coming from Rovaniemi station every hour of the day. You can also reach it by plane from Helsinki to be landed at the airport in a special Santa Claus Village. From the airport, proceed by road along approximately 2 kilometers.

Santa Claus Village is conceptualized like a township or village. In this place you can stay in houses that rented out. Can also decorate fir trees that have been provided as well as a window with a view of the snow. The light colors will also adorn the roofs and streets at night.

Christmas atmoshpere was more obvious when listening to the bells chiming of sleigh Santa Claus who had anticipated a lot of children. Santa Claus will visit the children and provide a good Christmas gift.

Santa Claus Village not only has Santa Claus. In December, you can play snow at Santa’s Ice Park or look around the village with a train car.

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