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Where Is Riviera Maya – The Riviera Maya is the newest and most recent resort on the Mexican Caribbean Coast. It is a tropical paradise of crystal clear liquids that refuges true-life living jewels, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches , and an spirited tropical rainforest teeming with rare wildlife.

The Riviera Maya, a tourist aisle of white-sand beaches, breathtaking devastates and fun-filled cenotes (limestone sinkholes ), was stirred for road-tripping. Yes, it is growing rapid, too fast some will say, but despite all the occurrence, you can still find that small-time fishing municipality or brain inland to catch a glimpse of the Mexico that tourism forgot.

The Riviera Maya is the excellent locate for a romantic haven, where you can do extreme plays or experience the coolest nighttime leisure. Suffer the Caribbean at its fullest, surrounded by sorcery sits like the Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve, the Tulum archaeological place and the thousands of natural cenotes (drop punctures that harbor various flower and animal species).

Many questions: Where is Riviera Maya ?

Where is riviera_maya located - Riviera Maya Map

The Riviera Maya is a extend of Caribbean coastline on Mexico’s northeastern Yucatan Peninsula. It is known for its several all-inclusive recourses, such as those in the town of Playa del Carmen, and its long coasts. To the south, Tulum is home to yoga departures and the preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city, roosted on an outcrop above a white-sand beach.

Riviera maya all inclusive resorts

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The Riviera Maya is a great place for eco-touristic works because of the many natural entertainments found in the area, starting with the rich colorful coral reefs of the Mexican Caribbean, a haven for snorkelers and scuba divers alike. There are also shocking cenotes and subterranean flows witnessed nowhere else in the world. Bicycling and hiking virgin mary natural reserves and even zip lining through them will certainly exhilarates most adventurers and extreme athletics enthusiasts.

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