Sydney Australia Vacations Trip Advisor

Sydney Australia Vacations – holds some of the country slash continent’s most exciting places to go to. The Vibrant city offers contemporary as well as historical landmarks built less than 200 years ago. Among the noteable and widely known sites is the Sydney Opera House on the Bennelong Point by the Sydney harbor. Situated about a half hour drive from the airport, the Opera House is a good place to start your city tour. One does not simply go to Sydney nowadays without taking a photo with the Opera House on the background and share it on their social media of choice.

Naturally, its location by the sea makes Sydney Australia Vacations ideal for a beach vacation. It’s got the famous Bondi beach east of the city and the more exlusive Camp Cove Beach on Watson s Bay. These beaches support various kinds of water sports from surfing, kayaking to parasailing. However, do watch out for sharks and jellyfish. As long as you follow the instructions from lifeguards, the trip won’t go south. December is the hottest month in Sydney, so make sure you swipe that SPF 50 before hitting the beach, and trust us, you would want to skip the beach in July.

Back to the city center, Sydney Australia Vacations offers several safe havens from the hectic urban pace. City parks like the Hyde Park are well kept, so everyone can enjoy their  breaks in between sightseeing. Its location near CDB also puts Hyde Park as strategic meeting point, being surrounded by points of interests in the likes of st. James Church, Australian Museum and the Downing Center. Within the park lie monuments of the nation’s armed forces in campaigns around the world.

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Dine in

One of the things you don’t have to worry about in Sydney Australia Vacations is where to eat. The City offers thousands of eateries from restaurant chains to sidewalk cafes. As for Australian cuisine, it goes beyond kill anything with four legs and put it on a barbie. It’s true that the diet for locals consist mostly of red meat, but the flavors in some of the city’s best restaurants like the waterfront, 360 bar and dining and Selah Tell tales of their own.

Diners in search of European flavor would go to waterfront. Located in the historic Rocks district, it offers French, Spanish, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with a specialty in seafood, And, true to its namesake, it is located on waterfront, with a view of the Sydney Opera House and most of the harbor area. Dor a sky high experience, the 360 Bar and dining on top of the Sydney Tower offers contemporary Australian food with a bird’s eye view of the city, amazing at noon and dazzling at night. Last but not least, Selah, a restaurant on the Circular Quay district, offers contemporary Aussie delights infused with the flavors of the world’s cuisines.


Other areas in the city worth a culinary journey include the Chinatown. A smelting pot by its own, Sydney is inhabited by countless different cultures from host Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The restaurants in Sydney’s Chinatown, between central station and Darling Harbor, are fine representatives of these cultures. From noodle bars, Thai food, Indian to Kebabs, the area is an aromatic enclave set lure hungry souls from miles away.

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Shop Away

Once you have replenished your energy in your selection of chain hotel or a local one throughout Sydney Australia Vacations, it is time for that cathartic activity everyone visiting this city should not miss. Shopping in Sydney is something you can not do in a day, or even a week. Hundreds of stores in shopping districts such as Surry Hills, Paddington, Woollahra and Darlinghurst provide sought after brands from around the world.


In the city center, the Queen Victoria Building and Strand Arcade, both not too far away, provide various selections of boutiques and exclusive fashion retailers. The favorite shopping streets of Sydney include Crown Street in Surry Hills, the Cambell Parade near the Bondi Beach and Oxford Street in Paddington. And if you join local fashion tours, you will be guided to secret chic boutiques and the best places in town to get one off originals and vintage treasures.

If you look for an all in one roof kind of shopping, you can go for either Myer or David Jones department stores. In Sydney, David Jones has flagship store nearby Hyde Park, on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Market Street. Inside you will find up market Australian and international brands, as well as eateries to get a bite and unwind between shopping sprees. As for Myer, the Sydney store is located within Westfield Eastgardens an 84,000 square meter shopping haven of 275 stores, supermarket and cinema.

If you are planning a Sydney Australia vacations, it is better to take the all inclusive package. by paying in advance, but you just enjoy your vacation with your family.

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