Vacation in Tangalooma Island and What Best Things To Do

Tangalooma Island – From various Aboriginal speech, Tangalooma is a place for Aboriginal people in the past to get the fish in large quantities in a short time. For the Government of Australia, in 1952 and 1962, Tangalooma whaling is central because it is the area where whales passing by in large quantities at the turn of the season.

In the span of about 10 years was 6.277 whales killed. The hunt was then stopped because of environmental awareness. In 1952, the number of whales passing around Tangalooma and Moreton around 10,000 birds. However, 10 years later there were only about 400 individuals.

Today, whale populations around Tangalooma gone up quite significantly and whaling is strictly prohibited throughout the territory of Australia. Tangalooma also been closed to any fishing since been converted into a tourism area.

Thus, what is now the Tangalooma still entitled to the name of the fish congregate? The answer is very still. Even the phrase gathering place for fish to be real, even if that comes true it is not a fish but a mammalia.

Dolphins feeding

A very famous tourism attraction in Tangalooma, Just maybe the only one in the world, is to feed wild dolphins. Every day before dark, dozens of dolphins came ashore Tangalooma’m fed fish. And hundreds of tourists will line up for their turn can feed the dolphins.

Need to emphasize again here, they were not a dolphin maintenance, but truly free dolphins that come from familiar and habitual. History dolphin feeding has been going on about 30 years with individual dolphins that kept changing over time. Some dolphins is well documented and the date of the first appearance of the name and all its characteristics.

Some time ago, if you come to Tangalooma and it was the belle of the dolphin is a dolphin females of the elderly, even blind, named Sonya. Privileged Sonya, she is very aware that he was blind so completely relies on giving humans because they are not able to hunt their own food. Also the realization that he is weak against shark attacks, Sonya has never been far from the beach. Just before dusk, with his instincts, he arrived at the beach and get a mouthful of food from the tourists.

There used to be a black dolphin named Shadow who often give back to the people by bringing a delicious sea eel once a week.

Shadow is not only as smart animals, dolphins are also deeply know themselves that they diperlaukan well by humans, so felt the need to give back. Now, the offerings of the various items stored dolphins in the small museum at Tangalooma management office. In the small museum can now see a variety of sea eel and fish species which are supposedly not toxic, even delicious.

Dozens of dolphins who come regularly every evening it was not something that came right away. It all started in 1986 when Brian and Betty Osborne, a husband and wife who developed Tangalooma a tourism destination, Finding a dolphin that seemed to invite communicate with them.

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Gradually, their dolphin nicknamed Beauty is more familiar with them until one day in 1992, Betty was able to feed Beauty directly from his hand. Gradually too, the original Beauty on Call Eric for manly thought, began to bring the kids and their friends to hang out with people. Since then the popularity of Tangalooma grown very quickly in the world for feeding wild dolphins is a rare attraction.

When feeding the dolphins, you can book a photographer there to take pictures and of course a picture can be taken home to their respective countries.


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Barren Area

Indeed, the island is Tangalooma Moreton place is a barren island. But so many sources of fresh water found there. Additionally dunes and deserts in the small island is also very beautiful. Tangalooma key appeal as a tourist destination is an excellent management, tidy and safe.

Deserts in Moreton sled made in place of sand, while the arid nature there be a charming route tracking. Some even lived route using all-terrain vehicles vehicle (ATV).

On the other hand Tangalooma beach, retaining some of the old boat made waves so that a unique ornament, as well as a place to breed fish. Location retaining the wave of the old ship called The Wreck and has become one of the attraction after attraction visits to feed the dolphins. Old ships, even though rusty here and there, because it is very well prepared, into a beautiful landmark, especially when exposed to light of the evening sun.

Once landed at Tangalooma after a sea journey about 90 minutes from the beach brisbane on mainland Australia, we will immediately accosted by hundreds of seabirds.

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