Where Is Riviera Maya Mexico Located On A Map

Where Is Riviera Maya – The Riviera Maya is the newest and most recent resort on the Mexican Caribbean Coast. It is a tropical paradise of crystal clear liquids that refuge true-life living jewels, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and a spirited tropical rainforest teeming with rare wildlife. The Riviera Maya, a tourist aisle of white-sand beaches, breathtaking devastates and fun-filled cenotes (limestone sinkholes ), was stirred for road-tripping.

The Riviera Maya may be a top family resort area. If you have been searching online trying to plan a family vacation, little question RIVIERA MAYA or MAYAN RIVIERA has crossed your display screen. Right about now, you’ll be asking yourself……

Where Is Riviera Maya?

Along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, on the eastern shore of the Yucatan, lies an 80-mile stretch of stunning, palm-studded, sugar-sand beach referred to as the Riviera Maya. Kissed by the nice and cozy, tropical waters of the Caribbean, this stretch of paradise is teeming with sea life, attracting divers, snorkelers, and sport fishermen from across the world.


The world’s second-largest reef system provides shelter from tropical storms also offering a sustaining presence for the ecosystem and plenty of recreational opportunities. In fact, my wife Diane and that I recently took a semi-submersible boat ride along the reef where large, submerged windows provided unrestricted views of giant sea turtles and every one manner of fish and coral formations only a couple of feet away.

The Riviera Maya is a neighborhood in Mexico located on the Yucatan Penisula. As you’ll see from the map here the Yucatan Penisula of Mexico juts out into the Gulf of Mexico just south of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. it’s located on Mexico’s eastern or Caribbean side. a bit like Florida and Alabama are states within The U.S. the Riviera Maya is found within the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

The word Maya or Mayan that’s related to this geographical area pays homage to the indigenous culture that reigned over this area from 2000 BC until the Spanish arrived from Europe. Mayan art, architecture, mathematics, and astronomical calendars still present a number of the world’s greatest mysteries to researchers and historians. Descendants of the Mayans still sleep in area communities here today. Visitors can walk back in time and visit the ruins of the good Mayan pyramids and civilizations at places like Tulum, Chichen Itza, and Coba.

The question Where Is Riviera Maya has answered. Another great vacation feature of this island is all the fun and adventure it offers families. Water sports abound here. Just offshore along the Riviera Maya is that the Playacar reef. this is often one among the most important barrier reefs within the world, second only to the good coral reef of Australia (and tons closer to home!). Snorkeling and skin diving rank high on everyone’s “to do” list that visit here. The jungle here offers cenotes which are caves that provide even more unique diving and snorkeling experiences. additionally, there are zip lines, quad tours, hiking, biking and ecological parks for your family to enjoy.

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