Bahamas All Inclusive Resorts For Families

Bahamas All Inclusive Resorts – The Bahama is one of the most popular destination located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and Hispaniola. Southeast of the United States, nearest to Florida and Nortwest of Turks and Caicos island.

The land of Bahama is about 13,939 km and the capital is Nasau. Bahama consisting of 29 island and 661 cays. Grand Bahama is the large island. It is a landing point caused of proximity to florida and it’s the most popular island. But the largest island is Andros island located in West of Grand Bahama. If you looking for the island that closest to US, it it Bimini island. It’s called the gateway to Bahamas.

Bahama is the tourism industry. If you visit to Bahama, you will find many resorts. Tourism industry has dominate in this island and can support over 350,000 people in this island. If you want to plan your all inclusive vacation, many travel agent will offer Bahama as main destination for all inclusive vacation packages like Aruba all inclusive resorts in Caribbean island or Hawaii all inclusive resorts in Hawaiian island.

The climate in Bahama is tropical. All of the islands in Bahama is low and flat. Not exceeding 50 – 60 feet in elevation. The Cat island has 200 feet above sea level. It is the highest points in Bahama islands.

3 Best Bahamas All Inclusive Resorts For Families

Grand Lucayan Beach And Golf Resort Bahamas

On Grand Bahama island, there are Grand Lucayan Beach and Golf Resorts. Kids 3 – 12 ages can enjoy sandbox and a sprawling wading pool on a clubhouse. For adults can enjoy spa, golf course and tennis courts.


The Breezes Bahaman Resort

The other Bahamas all inclusive resorts for families is The Breezes Bahaman Resort. All activities, entertainment, drink and meals have included on the price. Please let you know that The Breezes Bahama Resort is only open for children 14 years and up. There are volleyball, rock-climbing, waterskiing, tennis, cycling and kayaking.


The Sheraton Cable Beach Resort

If you want to get a special camp junkanoo, The Sheraton Cable Beach Resort is your option. There are many activities for children age 3 to 12 years. So, specify your vacation package choice by your best travel agent.


If you choice all inclusive vacation package on Bahamas All Inclusive Resorts, many attraction offered in Bahama. Atlantis paradise island resort located in Paradise island available children pool, waterslides and 11 lagoons. There are over 200 species of tropical fish like sharks, barracudas and stringrays. If you visit to this area with your family, Atlantis paradise island is the right place, because it has partnered with The discovery channel. The children can learn and always laugh. There are a technology lab, craft and history lessons. For teens can hangout at The Club Rush Teen Centre.

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