Best Summer Vacation Spots by 11 Photographers

Best Summer Vacation Spots – This article features readers’ stories of soaked cliffs, cool icy waters, unique views of the Eiffel Tower, and more. We’ve picked the best stories from our readers’ favorite places to visit as summer rolls in. The resulting stories feature a variety of amazing places that we considered when they planned their vacation at their final summer destination. With images of icy cold waters, sun-drenched cliffs, unique views of the Eiffel Tower, and more. Plus, there are useful tips from these 12 photographers so you can find value in each destination.

Mike Cavaroc

sedona in arizona


The first best summer vacation spots by Mike Cavaroc. No matter where you are in Sedona, photographer Mike Cavaroc will say that “The mountains rise above you, practically forcing you to appreciate what Nature is capable of creating.” But this red stone city is nothing to fear. In contrast, the 4,500ft elevation is the perfect respite from the scorching Phoenix heat. Even better is near Oak Creek Canyon, where Cavaroc notes that temperatures drop further as pine trees shade the cliffs providing an unlimited amount of outdoor activity. Best of all, it’s affordable. You can purchase the Red Rock Pass daily for 5 USD and explore the entire Sedona area.

Lori Reis

Atlantic island of Bermuda

Although often associated with the Caribbean, the Atlantic island of Bermuda is actually east of South Carolina. As a result, Bermuda’s high season is really in the summer months. As Lori Reis puts it, “There are a lot of incentive offers to travel there” as summer draws to a close. But Bermuda is still expensive, so Reis recommends an all-inclusive resort or sailing. So you will save by having all the facilities from lodging to food on board.

Best Summer Vacation Spots by Mary Beth Chirico

Tybee Island Georgia - Best Summer Vacation Spots

“If you have to say goodbye to summer, there’s no better way to do it than with the sound of the waves crashing and the screams of seagulls,” reports Mary Beth Chirico, who snapped this photo of Georgia’s Tybee Island. It says “up there” on my list of favorite places.” Maybe that’s because all you need for a great week on Tybee Island is a swimsuit, a pair of flip-flops, and a towel!” To keep costs low, Chirico advises visitors to pack a picnic and enjoy a meal by the sea, check out gift shops, and maybe find end-of-season deals.

Nanci Mancinelli

Paris France

The next best summer vacation spots by Nanci Mancinelli. As Nanci Mancinelli sees it, August is a great time to visit Paris as most of the city’s residents are off and celebrating their own holidays. But many tourist attractions are still open. And, the restaurant is also open. This is the most important thing.

He notes that with fewer people around, there are bargains to be found for shopping, at hotels and more. For better value food, Mancinelli told us to eat at local places, which travelers can find by asking hotel staff about their favorite places to eat.

Best Summer Vacation Spots by Benjamin Chicoski

New Zealand - Best Summer Vacation Spots

Being Down Under, the New Zealand season is the opposite of the season in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, Americans say goodbye to summer because Kiwis say goodbye to winter in winter.

For travelers from the north, this means savings on airfare. Once in New Zealand, Queenstown is a great choice for water, mountains, nightlife, shopping, adventure, and all the great outdoors, according to Benjamin Chicoski. He added that the city would be “according to everyone’s wishes and fantasies.” For those who are passionate about adventure travel, the area is full of winter sports and hiking opportunities.

Crystal Swink


For Crystal Swink, Molokai is the ideal destination in late summer (or any time of the year). “Most of the island is pristine, uninhabited, and there is a beautiful secluded land,” he said. And this place offers privacy, seclusion, and a genuine Hawaiian vibe. With its limited development, the choice of Molokai hotels is quite limited. So Swink suggests booking a vacation rental. Good sources for such rentals include VRBO and HomeAway.

Dianne Bonner

alaska glacier bay national park

The next best summer vacation spots by Dianne Bonner. Getting the most out of a trip to Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park depends on your research beforehand. He recommends researching “everything on the Internet before you go. Including prices, bus trips, train trips, etc., because there is so much to do.” Bonner says the area is great for all types of travelers because of the spectacular scenery and wildlife, especially whales, which is something you’ll never forget.

Jim Strayer

Georgetown, Colorado

In addition to the beauty of the city, Jim Strayer recommends Georgetown, Colorado, for the Georgetown Railroad, as well as “river rafting and casino action at nearby Black Hawk.” He noted that the prices were quite reasonable for families. And the history of the city is also of interest to visitors.

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Best Summer Vacation Spots by Evelyn Gabriel, Godfrey, IL

Big Sur California

For “a view that lifts your spirits,” see Big Sur California, says Evelyn Gabriel. By the end of the summer, Gabriel continued, “the crowds have thinned out and you can linger over lunch or dinner” in the restaurant. Also, hotel rooms have more availability, and “even at the last minute you can usually find one that has the good rate or view you want.” When it comes time to move, you can choose to live in the area. As Gabriel did, head down the coast towards Carmel and Monterey.

Marianne Dyer

Acadia National Park

The next best summer vacation spots by Marianne Dyer. Couples looking for the “most romantic getaway” can find Marianne Dyer’s Isle au Haut, Maine selection. Half of Isle au Haut is in Acadia National Park. So the “pure beauty” he describes must be widely available. As for lodging, Dyer stayed at the Keeper’s House Inn and praised its simplicity. “No television, fax, email, Internet, or electricity. Only rooms with beautiful Atlantic Ocean views!” For the best value, he recommends purchasing the package, which includes all meals, drinks, bicycle use, and more.

Best Summer Vacation Spots by Kathleen Zwanziger

St. Petersburg - best summer vacation spots

Kathleen Zwanziger beautifully captures the end of summer through the eyes of a child. And Zwanziger suggested St. Petersburg as a great place to “relax before the busy school schedule starts again.” Visitors will find greater value at this time of year due to the absence of “snowbirds”. Off the coast, he recommends cultural spots such as the Salvador Dalí Museum and the Greek fishing village of Tarpon Springs, as well as Myakka River State Park and Selby Gardens for scenic beauty. –best summer vacation spots-

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