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Cruises To Hawaii – Many of us want to relax and just free our mind from all the life stresses of everyday activity. And so many of us want to visit new places that they have never seen before.

Whose don’t know Hawaii ? If you have never go to Hawaii, you must make plan ahead and complete your vacation to go to Hawaii, and hope will get nice vacation experience for the first time go to Hawaii.

Hawaii is one of the most famous vacation destination in the US. It has many beautiful island that you can visit it. It has many attraction and you can do so much there. Every one can enjoy great dining places and nice foods. Many of tourist from all the world come back time and time again to to this island. It is also one of the most popular honeymoon and nice wedding destinations in the world, therefore can be truly memorable. So its better if you make nice plan like when you plan to other places like to Florida keys resort, or Turk and Caicos etc. We must looking for many information to travel agent company to get nice vacation packages. Also you will get information about cheap hotel prices when you cruises to Hawaii.

Hawaii has many wonderful island. Don’t miss to complete your visit here. Please find below some brief description of some of them that will be helpful to you on your trip to Hawaii :


Maui  – This is beautiful and quiet island. Caused of unwind condition, so you will enjoy and will get your  great relaxation on this island. You will find some great hotels, nice private villas with quiet beaches view.

Kauai  – Do you want to get the island that more quiet than Maui? Or you are looking for experience for ecological of the Hawaiian island? Kaui may the island that you looking for. In Kauai you’ll find many unique species of birds and green landscape.

Hawai’i  – Don’t be confused with Hawaii state.  It is the largest island of the chain but the youngest. Hawai’i is the big island. Every people that visit to Hawai’i can see everytime. It’s experiences from volcanic activity. This is the main attraction in Hawai’i. The colour of sand is black. Geography position of this island is coastline of all the islands.

Lanai – The main attraction for this island are snorkelling and places for nice lunch. You can visit the island by boat from Maui or while snorkelling trip..

Molokai – Molokai has area of 260 square miles. Its the fifth largest island in Hawaii. Maybe you ever hear friendly island. That is nickname of Molokai island.

Kahoolawe – This island still need more populate and establishment. Only few tourism visit to this island. But for those of you who like adventure, this island may be suitable for you, and you can enjoy cruises to Hawaii.

Here are some recommendations of Cruises To Hawaii

The ships sailing Hawaii may well be beautiful — but they’re no competition to the destination itself. As such, expect a huge variety of shore excursions — from full-on sightseeing tours to high-adrenaline, active adventures, as well as plenty of options for families with children.


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Oahu is the first recomendation when you cruises to Hawaii. Despite the crowds, Pearl Harbor continues to be a fascinating and moving experience for visitors — even school-age kids — but typical shore excursions only include the USS Arizona Memorial. If you can tack on a day or two and go on your own, be sure to add visits to the USS Bowfin and the Mighty Mo to complete the experience. Get there early, though, to beat the crowds, and unless you like hot dogs for lunch — the menu at the Arizona/Bowfin site is limited — plan to brown bag it.

The Big Island

There is a reason the Island of Hawaii is called the Big Island — it’s big enough to have two ports, which means that when scouting out great shore adventures, you need to plan accordingly. In Kona, passengers arrive by tender into a small village-like setting where they can set out on a self-guided tour of historical sites near the port. The big three are: Ahuena, King Kamehameha’s temple; the Mokuaikaua church, the first Christian church on the Big Island; and Hulihee Palace, the summer palace for Hawaiian royalty.

In Hilo, the Volcanoes National Park, with its starkly beautiful green and black landscape, is a must-see and is accessible by shore excursion or rental car. Keep in mind that the park is huge, so you won’t see it all. Try to get a look at a lava tube to see the steam vents rising from the ground — and, if at all possible, witness the lava flow into the sea.


The next best places when when you cruises to Hawaii is Maui. This island also offers two ports: Lahaina and Kahului. Its biggest natural attraction is Haleakala Crater, which you can visit from either port if you don’t mind the drive (about three hours roundtrip from both). Accessible by tender, Lahaina offers an arty, historic ambience that draws crowds as well as proximity to the popular Kaanapali Beach.

Kahului, on the other hand, is less atmospheric; considered the financial center of the island (and lacking the shopping venues and beaches near Lahaina), the port offers the advantage of a docking facility for large cruise ships. Some lines, however, offer an excursion to Lahaina from Kahului.


Waimea Canyon — called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific — is worth a day unto itself, but you can combine a visit with a trip up the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto. Or drive up the canyon road to the summit and don’t forget to check out Lihue (Kauai’s main town). Don’t miss the sugar cane fields of Koloa and the eye-popping flora along the way.


The next best destination when you cruises to Hawaiiis Lanai. In Lanai it’s all about scuba, and once you’ve seen the miraculous underwater formations formed from lava — known by dive aficionados as cathedrals — you’ll see why. There are shore excursions from Maui that include visits to Lanai, accessible by boat.


There are just over 7,000 inhabitants on this island, probably most famous for its haunting past as a leper colony. Nowadays, it’s all about beautiful beaches — some accessible only by boat.

Fanning Island

If your itinerary includes a visit to Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati, your choices aren’t so much “what to do” as “which beach.” There are two locations local elders have OK’d for use by NCL passengers: the Fanning Island beach and Napali Beach.

The main beach offers such inducements as food and bathroom facilities — and it’s free — but the facilities and beaches are crowded with fellow cruise passengers.

Napali Beach when you cruises to Hawaii, offers more scenery and fewer crowds — for a price. NCL charges $20 a head to visit Napali, which has no food outlets (other than drinks and bottled water) or bathrooms. You can rent paddle boats, though, and shop for island crafts and knickknacks from locals who line the walkway from the tender station to the beach. Your admission to Napali Beach also allows you to come and go between the two beaches (for lunch or bathroom breaks) by tender. Keep in mind that the island is near the equator, so stay hydrated and slather up when you cruises to Hawaii.

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