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Disneyland Baby Care Center – Disneyland may be a place for everybody, and at Disneyland, they need to be thought of everything – including the babies. The Disneyland Baby Center is located on Main Street, behind the Plaza Inn.
This is not a babysitting service. Instead, it’s an area where you’ll attend to your baby’s needs.

There are several characters present during this area, and their purpose there’s not only to amuse your baby but also to assist you to attend to your baby’s needs. This area has rockers, where you’ll rock and breastfeed your baby. No men are allowed in this room, but they’re allowed in other rooms within the Baby Center. you’ll warm a bottle or a jar of food, and clean bottles as necessary. Baby changing tables are available, and therefore the entire center is extremely clean and cozy. There are even smaller toilets for children who are being potty trained.

You can also purchase emergency baby supplies at the Disneyland Baby Care Center. Diapers cost a few dollars each, and several different types of formula and baby food are kept in supply, although the selections are limited. this is often Disneyland’s way of creating sure that the needs of each guest – regardless of how small they may be – are attended to.

Disneyland Baby Care Center

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Facilities on Disneyland Baby Care Center

Offering more than just privacy, Baby Care Centers are fully staffed and feature a host of helpful amenities for parents with infants and toddlers.

Open during regular park hours, each full-service facility is complimentary for guests and includes:

  • Changing room with tables
  • Nursing room with chairs
  • Feeding area with highchairs
  • Toddler-size toilets (for Guests under 42” tall)
  • Vending machine offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, pacifiers, and over-the-counter medication—all available for purchase with a credit card
  • Kitchen with sink, bottle warmers, and microwave (select use only)

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