Downtown Miami Restaurants, That You Deserve To Try

Downtown Miami Restaurants – The active yank metropolis of Miami could be a palm-fringed, glamourous region speech act a number of the tastiest food in an American state. A melting pot of cultures, Downtown Miami’s exciting choice of various cuisines reflects the variety of its residents and suggests that guests will select from first-rate French, American, Italian and Japanese dishes, among several others.

Miami’s fastest-growing neighborhood, Downtown, is quickly becoming the city’s hottest dining destination. Whether you’re trying to find award-winning sushi or messy backyard barbecue, there’s a restaurant in Downtown Miami for each quite foodie. Here are a number of our favorites.

Find Below Best Downtown Miami Restaurants

The Egg Spot

The First Downtown Miami Restaurants is The Egg Spot. Sometimes you only need an egg and brisket sandwich at 4 pm. But, during a neighborhood where breakfast is typically included together with your $300-a-night suite, finding a hangover-busting brunch is often tougher than you think that. As of the summer of 2019, that void is finally filled.

The newest venture from the daddy and son duo behind Wynwood’s meat market, The Egg Spot is Downtown’s first all-day breakfast, brunch and lunch spot. From 7 am till 7 pm, you’ll take your pick of just about any Miami brunch classic, from a hefty serving of chicken and waffles with Tater Tots to the marginally lighter salmon bagels and quinoa bowls. There also are freshly squeezed juices and illy coffees on offer, or, if you’re really within the Miami brunching mood, choose a mimosa, sangria or craft beer instead.


Zuma (Downtown Miami Restaurants)

The next Downtown Miami Restaurants is Zuma. Located on the bottom floor of the luxurious Kimpton EPIC Hotel, Zuma is one of Downtown’s most star-studded restaurants. Celebrities – including Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, and Gwyneth Paltrow – flock to the present waterfront bar for award-winning Japanese dishes like miso-marinated black cod, spicy yellowfin roll, and seared beef with pickled daikon.

Zuma is inspired by the informal dining sort of izakaya, which suggests everything from the tiny, uncluttered plates to the low, circular tables are created with sharing in mind. The drinks menu is simply as bold because of the sushi rolls: think rhubarb-infused sake, wasabi-spiked vodka and an Aperol spritz blended with fresh strawberry and basil.

Vinaigrette Sub Shop

The next Downtown Miami Restaurants is Vinaigrette Sub Shop. Another hole in Downtown’s food scene? an honest sub shop. Thankfully, Danny Serfer (from the hugely popular Midtown Miami restaurants Mignonette and Blue Collar) just opened Vinaigrette Sub Shop – a deli-style café serving made-to-order American sandwiches. Using only high-quality Italian meats and cheeses like Calabrian salami, 18-month prosciutto, and scamorza cheese, the ‘Italian Specialties’ menu is where you ought to start your Vinaigrette Sub journey.

If you’re a build-it-yourself quite sub eater, you’ll choose three different sorts of bread also as a variety of 5 sorts of meat, six slices of cheese and 13 condiments, including pickles, hot pepper spread, and spicy Calabrian chili mayo.

NIU Kitchen (Downtown Miami Restaurants)

The motto at NIU, Downtown’s first Catalan-inspired wine and tapas bar, instructs you to order your food stupidly. The food is so good at this small 2nd Avenue restaurant that you simply can simply “close your eyes, point to an item on the menu” and a delicious, farm-fresh meal will result. And that’s just about the attitude here: pick a couple of dishes that pique your curiosity – maybe the rabbit confit with escargots rice, or the octopus carpaccio with apple aioli – and see what happens.


Ask the wine director to speak you through a starter, main and dessert menu of over 50 wines from Catalunya and beyond. Pro tip: no Catalan meal is complete without a pa amb tomàquet – an easy but delicious side of freshly baked bread topped with tomatoes, vegetable oil, and salt.


The next Downtown Miami Restaurants is Garcia’s. Downtown may be a neighborhood that celebrates innovation, so it’s not all that easy to seek out a restaurant with almost five decades of history. Opened in 1968 by a Cuban family fleeing Castro’s Communist regime, Garcia’s started its life as a modest seafood market selling regardless of the family had caught fresh that morning. Some 48 years later, the Garcia market has expanded into one of the foremost popular seafood restaurants along the Miami River.

Despite its growth, much remains the same: the restaurant remains family-run, and therefore the fish is caught fresh every morning by the Garcia fleet moored right outside. The menu varies counting on the catch, but you’ll usually expect dishes like butterfly snapper with crabmeat cooked, lobster ravioli with pink vodka shrimps and seared scallops during a garlic and lemon sauce.

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