Plan Your Trip To Australia, Things You Should Know

Plan Your Trip to Australia – Australia is usually called the ‘island continent’. the most important cities in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. A desert space called the ‘outback’ covers a lot of of the land.

Climate In Australia

The season in Australia are the reverse of the Northern hemisphere’s and the best time to travel will depend on your destination.

In the tropical zone north of the tropic of Capricorn around Darwin, near Cairns and in the far north of Western Australia, there are only two seasons: dry (approximately April – October) and the wet ( November – March ). In the dry, there are warm days, clear blue skies and cool nights. In the wet, heavy rain alternates with sunny hot weather. On the great barrier reef most rain falls in January and February.

In the southern temperate zone seasons are more distinc. Winter days in Sydney are usually sunny with a maximum of 15 degree celcius (60 degree Fahrenheit), while humid summer temperatures can regularly hit 30 degree celcius ( 90 degree Fahrenheit) and higher. Snow falls on te southern mountain ranges, but not in the cities (except Hobart).

When you Plan Your Trip To Australia, Melbourne is the best in spring and autumn – summer can be oppresively hot, and winter grey and miserable. Summers are by far the best time to visit Tasmania, as its winters can be damp and depressing.

South Australia and Western Australia have Mediterranean climates: summers are hot and dry, with highs above 40 degree Celcius ( 105 degree Fahrenheit) not uncommon.

In central Australia, summer temperatures are generally too high for comfort. In winter, the nights may be cool, with clear warm days.

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High/Low season when Plan Your Trip To Australia

The tourist seasons are dictated by the weather and by when Australian school holidays fall.

In popular tourist destinations such as the top end, the great barrier reef, the gold coast and central Australian you will pay a premium for accommodation during these times and you will also need to book well in advance.

When you Plan Your Trip To Australia , during Australian school holiday periods, holiday accommodation options and domestic flights are heavily booked. Beach destinations and premium campsites are booked solidly during the summer school holiday period ( Christmas day to the end of January) and over Easter. Sydney’s hotels are also booked in advance (and prices can skyrocket) over the New Year Period. So better for your accommodation need, you booked in advance. You can check and trace also compare hotel room in Australia from this search box below. If you lucky, you can find hotel discount up to 80%.

Public holidays in Australia:

  • 1 January                            New Year’s Day
  • 26 January                          Australia Day
  • 25 April                               Anzac Day
  • 25 December                     Christmas Day
  • 26 December                     Boxing Day
  • Moveable dates                Good Friday, Easter,Easter Monday,Queen’s Brithday

Additional public holidays are celebrated only in certain states. Goverment offices, post offices and banks close on public holidays. Shops, supermarkets, cafes,museums and restaurant stay open for most holidays. The usual exceptions are Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Chritmas day.

Itineraries When Plan Your Trip To Australia

There is a lot of terrain to cover if you want to experience the country’s highlights. Distances between towns, cities and states are often huge, entailing flights or long road or train trips. To cover the entire coastline (where most settlements are) and take a couple of Outback detours, you really need six months if you are travelling by land.Travelling by air and land and concentrating on large cities and towns, you would need at least two months. In one month (the average length holiday for most international visitors) you could tour the east coast from Melbourne to Cairns by car, or explore the country’s highlights by air and land.

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Before You Leave and Plan for Trips to Australia

Visas and entry requirements

Foreign nationals entering Australia must have a passport of their stay and must have obtained a visa before leaving home (except for New Zealand citizens, who are issued with a visa on arrival in Australia)

The electronic transfer Authority (ETA) visa is available to citizens of over 30 countries and can be obtained online or from travel agents or airline offices for a fee of AS$20. ETA visas are generally valid for 12 months, single stays must not exceed three months, but return visits within the 12 month period are allowed.

Most EU citizens are eligible for an eVisitor visa, which is free and can be obtained online. Like the ETA visa, these are generally valid for 12 months, single stays must not exceed three months, but return visits within the 12 month period ar allowed.

Tourist visas are available for citizens of all countries for continuous stay of three, six or 12 months. Apply online or through an Australian may be levied whether or not your application is successful.

Visitors travelling on ETA’s, eVisitor visa and tourist visas are not permitted to work while in Australia. For more information and to apply for visas online and for all information about Plan Your Trip To Australia, go to

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