Planning a Family Reunion at Disney World

Planning a Family Reunion – Everyone looks forward to family reunions – and who doesn’t love Disneyland? you’ll bring the 2 together by having your family reunion at the happiest place on earth. it’s really easier than you would possibly think to arrange this!

Start by calling the Disneyland Vacation Planning Services Department. allow them to assist you book rooms at the Resort hotels, and admission tickets to the park. You should be ready to get discounts on the tickets by purchasing them in bulk.

The specific service that you simply got to accommodate all of your relations is that the ‘Happiest Place on Earth Picnic.’ This service is obtainable year-round and includes admission to the park for your entire party. You also get a choice of fully catered meals for the event. For 100 – 300 people, your event is often held at Big Thunder Ranch. For 300 – 1000 people, the event is going to be held at the Festival Arena.

If there are but 100 people in your party, you may not be eligible for the catering services. This is at the only discretion of Disneyland, and you’ll need to discuss this with Guest Services or the Planning Services Departments. If catering isn’t available, reservations within the many restaurants can be made instead.

Planning a Family Reunion at Disney

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You may be ready to get a reduction on your family member’s rooms at the Resorts also, if you book well beforehand, hold your event during the off-season, and book a block of rooms. Airline tickets for those who will get to fly to Disneyland should even be purchased well beforehand, and in bulk for extra discounts.

Again, allow Disneyland Vacation Planning Services to help you with the arrangements, and use a travel agent to handle any arrangements that planning services don’t cover. For best results, choose one family member to figure with the design services and the agent, and relay information back and forth between the services and therefore the relations. Having one person collecting and sharing information will hamper on an excellent deal of confusion and
misinformation once you try to form travel arrangements for an outsized number of individuals.

It may take work and Planning a Family Reunion, but in the end, this will be one family reunion that will never be forgotten. Talk with the holiday Planning Services Department to find out what other services are available to form this a good more special experience for you and your relations. The Surprise services would be a pleasant touch!

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