The Fun of Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge

Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge – Colorado is known for skiing, but the snowy Rocky Mountains also provide some of the best snowmobiling or snowmobiling in the world. From Grand Lake (known as the “Snowmobiling Capital of Colorado”) to riding the continental shelf at Winter Park and accessing backcountry skiing near Vail Pass, Colorado has some really cool trails for snowmobiling.

Playing Snowmobiling in Colorado

The best snowmobiles in Colorado can be found in and around Grand Lake. There are 300 miles of spectacular snowmobile trails, including 150 miles of manicured trails, with an additional 700 miles of trails available in Grand County.

Snowmobiling Tour Package Options (Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge)

Nova Guides

You have the same range of options for a snowmobile. Nova Guides offers a basic one-hour snowmobile tour from Camp Hale starting at $80 per person ($100 for two people riding the same machine). There’s also a full-day “Top of the Rockies” package for $255 per person and a $330 full-day high-performance tour for experienced riders who want a challenge. Every excursion along the Continental Divide.

Good Times Adventures (Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge)

Offers better deals for single riders on short trips, costing just $85 per person for the two-hour ride to the Continental Divide on the Georgia Pass. An extended three-hour trip, which only leaves in the morning, costs $125.

Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge

White Mountain Snowmobile Tours

About 10 miles south of Copper Mountain in Summit County, probably the best of the bunch. The cheapest tour is $50 for an hour, and the most expensive is $200 for a three-hour ride on wooded trails and meadows in the mountains. This longer tour rides right on the Continental Divide. This tour company has been running tours for more than 15 years, which means very experienced.

The Best Locations for Snowmobiling in Colorado

Molas Lake Trail (Silverton)

The area around Silverton has 150 miles of snowmobile trails through the Rio Grande, San Juan, and Gunnison National Forest. The trails rise over 13,000 feet, making them some of the highest snowmobile trails in the country.

Top Tour Rockies (Near Vail) – Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge

The Top of The Rockies Tour is a very popular tour near Vail. The operator is Nova Guides and they have been in the business offering outdoor adventures for over 30 years. The views are amazing.

Georgia Pass Road (Near Breckenridge)

The coolest part about this trip is the views of some of Summit County’s ski areas, including Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge, Keystone, and Mount Copper.

The entire Leadville area (Leadville)

Leadville is known as the highest (altitude) city in the country because it is located above 10,000 feet. This means lots of cold weather and snow, which means lots of big snowmobiles. The best provider in White Mountain Snowmobile Tours.

Kebler Pass (Crested Butte) – Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge

Kebler Pass gets a lot of snow and offers the best snowmobiles in the Gunnison/Crested Butte area. There is a local snowmobile club called Snow Trackers which provides the latest information on snow conditions and the best trails.

The entire Kremmling area (Kremmling)

Kremmling is located at the confluence of Muddy Creek, Colorado River, and Blue River. The city is proud of its nickname as “A Sportsman’s Paradise”. This area is great for boating, hunting, and ATVing during the summer. Winter is for ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Ride The Continental Divide (Winter Park)

Winter Park offers the best snowmobiles close to Denver. Winter Park is about a 65-mile drive from Mile High City. The best operator is Grand Adventures, whose tours cross continental boundaries and reach altitudes of about 12,000 feet.

Sunlight to Powderhorn

This is a 120-mile stretch having multiple access points between Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction. The trail starts at the Sunlight Ski Area near Glenwood in the White River National Forest. The trail ends in Grand Mesa National Forest near the Powderhorn ski area.

Rabbit Ears Pass (Near Steamboat Spring)

The Rabbit Ears Pass is known as a scenic drive that drops tourists to Steamboat Springs. The snowmobile was even more beautiful. Steamboat is known for its “champagne powder”. The top provider in this area is Steamboat Snowmobile Tours.

Grand Lake

The top spot should go to the “Snowmobiling Capital of Colorado” or Grand Lake. Grand Lake has more trails than anywhere else in the state, with 300 miles of trails. America’s Best Online ranks Grand Lake as one of the “Top 10 Snowmobiling Areas in the United States”. Snowmobile enthusiasts can play in the nearby Arapaho Forest.

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Lodging in Colorado

First, select the base where you want to settle. We recommend one of Summit County’s two towns, Snowmobiling in Colorado Breckenridge or Frisco, both of which are renowned for their accessibility for skiing but are equally suitable for other outdoor winter activities. Both are also less than two hours from Denver airport and are easily reached by the convenient Colorado Mountain Express.

Best Time to Visit Colorado

Winter in Colorado is January and late March to early April. April is a particularly good bet this year as the state has one of its snowiest winters, and that means more snow towards the end of the season. However, be aware that some outfitters are closed the first week of April regardless of the weather, so it’s important to verify your preferred activity will still be offered if and when you choose to save money by waiting until April.

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