Things To Do When You Trips To Bora – Bora Island?

Things To Do In Bora – Bora – The main objective of a this island vacation is slackening and this small island proposal myriad ways to achieve it. Repose on the story of your overwater bungalow, cool off in the glowing bay encircling this island or motorcycle around the island at a leisurely cadence. When you have some exertion to kindle, we indicate checking out the underwater life at the Bora Bora Lagoonarium and the Coral Plot.

Bora Bora may be a small island in French Polynesia northwest of Tahiti within the South Pacific. it’s hard to imagine anywhere on Earth with such a lot of beauty concentrated in only one spot. The small, lush island is surrounded by tiny islets fringed with sparkling white sand and a blue lagoon surrounded by a barrier reef. within the heart of the island is an extinct volcano with its one peak, Mount Otemanu, piercing the sky at 2,385 feet.

Find Best Things To Do in Bora – Bora

Take a Boat Around The Island

Being one among the highest things to try to to in Bora Bora, there are numerous companies offering cruises around the islands, and you will decide whether you’d wish to choose snorkeling or sunset. Both seemed like fantastic choices, but we opted for the snorkeling cruises since I even have a small obsession with swimming with the fish! It’s true – the water really is that clear! And turquoise!


Matira Beach

The next Things To Do In Bora – Bora are visiting Matira Beach. It’s in Bora Bora’s famous public beach and has been voted best beach within the world! It’s laid back atmosphere, pure white sand and calm turquoise water allow true relaxation. nobody is selling sunglasses or massages. albeit this is often this island’s main public beach, you’ll presumably find that you simply have more beach than you would like. Here’s our guide of what to try to at Matira Beach. There are a couple of cafes around Matira beach that provide affordable this island eating, so it is a great place to grab a Hinano beer and a bite to eat. you’ll also find snorkeling from Marita Beach.

Snorkeling Activities (Coral Garden)

Snorkeling in Bora Bora is top-notch. The water is crystal clear, with temperatures within the high 70’s/low ’80s (depending on the time of year). confirm to travel on a shark and ray tour, where you get to swim with both black-tipped reef sharks and stingrays neither dangerous to humans! If staying in an over-water bungalow, confirm to bring your own snorkel gear, as you’ll jump into the lagoon and explore right there!

Mount Otemanu Adventure

The next Things To Do In Bora – Bora is Mount Otemanu Adventure. You can see Mount Otemanu from any spot on this island. Its black rugged slopes are spectacular in contrast to the luxurious jungle surrounding it and azure blue lagoon below. While all of Bora Bora is that the results of an ancient volcano, fortunately now extinct, Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia are the foremost evident remnants. Mount Otemanu reaches 2,385 feet and maybe a popular hiking destination. you’ll hike only to the bottom, and even that’s best through with the assistance of an area guide. The summit is impossible to succeed in due to the delicate igneous rock, which cannot support a load of a mean human, although that doesn’t mean that avid climbers aren’t trying. consistent with the locals, nobody has managed to try to to it yet. However, the mountain is so beautiful and picturesque that the trip to the bottom is worthwhile just to urge some really spectacular photos. Search for the old American WWII cannons scattered about the jungle also as some ancient local altars.

Swim With Sharks ( Things To Do In Bora Bora )

This activity was something that we needed to try on this island! Unlike the Nurse Sharks that you simply find in Belize, you will swim with black-tipped reef sharks and lemon sharks in French Polynesia! We swam with blacktip reef sharks in both waist-deep water, also water that was 40m deep! That trouble was the cleanest, clearest, and greatest I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been lucky to snorkel in some pretty spectacular places – Belize, Hawaii, Mexico, everywhere the Caribbean, and therefore the Greek Islands for staters). What an interesting experience. one among the foremost thrilling things to try to to in this island!


Tahiti Pearl Market ( Things To Do In Bora Bora )

The next Things To Do In Bora – Bora are visiting the Tahitian pearl Market. Tahitian pearls are among the foremost beautiful and most desired within the world and therefore the Tahiti Pearl Market may be a closed corporation that cultivates, sets into jewelry, and sells magnificent locally harvested pearls. Their adventure started on the atoll of Takaroa and has grown into a way larger operation that now cultures pearl oysters on five atolls within the Tuamotu Archipelago.

Different locations produce a good range of colors, sizes, and qualities. This Tahiti traditional trade gives employment to an outsized number of native people – only one of those farms employs 40 people on the tiny atoll of Ahe. They include divers who collect the pearl oysters from 20 feet underwater. Tahiti Pearl Market offers its customers the unique opportunity to pick the pearl of their choice among thousands of pearls and have them mounted on the setting they want.

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