Top 10 Memorable Luxury Train Travel In The World

Luxury Train Travel – Rail cruising may be a fantastic thanks to absorbing the rich culture and cinematic landscape of the country. Our exclusive rail journeys through Russia, Europe, Central Asia, and China, combine first-class customer service with a romantic exploration of the world’s most remarkable sites and an area with a view that constantly changes; offering a singular and memorable exploration of the places we visit.

An extraordinary journey awaits you once you start a luxury train tour. The romance of the rails is found within the details: Step aboard rail cars from the golden era of train travel that is lovingly restored to their original luster. Settle into well-appointed private accommodations. enjoy first-class services from start to end including gourmet meals, comfortable lounge cars perfect for meeting fellow travelers or enjoying an evening cap, and attentive onboard staff available to satisfy your every need.

Maharajas’ Express

The first Luxury Train Travel is Maharaja’s Express. It’s Indian railways trump their equivalents “the worlds” over for their phenomenal emblazon, tumult and push. Ferrying 18 million passengers daily, these sets are the lifelines of India. In a number of countries fabled for majestic Rajput opulence, the decadent Maharajas Express set roadway results the luxurious multitude with its weeklong odyssey from Mumbai to Delhi.

Luxury Train Travel In The World

Belmond Royal Scotsman (Luxury Train Travel)

A journey aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman may be a unique thanks to seeing the magnificent Scottish countryside during a Downton Abbey atmosphere. Travelers can choose between several round trips from Edinburgh lasting between two and 7 days, but the classic voyage is that the four-night passage to the Scottish Highlands.
It includes visits to distilleries and sightseeing excursions to castles.

The UK’s only luxury sleeper train, it’s a bar stocked quite 50 sorts of whiskey. Fall is probably the simplest time of year to travel when the purples of untamed heather color the Scottish meadows.

The Rocky Mountaineer

The next Luxury Train Travel is The Rocky Mountaineer. It’sThe gold foil Service of the Rocky Mountaineer offers one among few five-star rail experiences in North America.
There are several routes into the Rockies, but it is the classic Banff to Vancouver ride that also captures the imagination.

This was the last, arduous leg of the good rail expansion westwards that united Canada within the late 1880s.
Although most tourists prefer the summer season, September to mid-October is possibly the foremost romantic time to travel, when the leaves address a vibrant mixture of reds, oranges, and yellows and fresh snow accumulates on the mountaintops. To build up the romance, couples traveling together can rotate their seats in order that they face one another during the journey.

Rovos Rail (Luxury Train Travel)

Rovos Rail may be a slower, chiller version of the Blue Train, featuring an extended network of far-flung destinations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Tanzania. Luxurious and lavish cabin surroundings mean the Rovos ride isn’t an end in itself, but an important a part of an extended journey with several overnights.
Because the train never travels quite 60 kilometers per hour (37 m.p.h.) passengers can open windows for fresh air or to photograph the landscapes.

In fact, the staff provides sets of goggles in order that, should the urge arise to stay heads out of windows, dust in eyes won’t be a drag. Popular journeys refill quickly: the leisurely ramble from Pretoria to Dar es Salaam, the Namibia safari and golfing trips have sold out well into 2017.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

No other train journey evokes romance and adventure quite just like the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the setting of notorious Christie mystery “Murder on the Orient Express.” The train still rolls by a number of Europe’s most captivating scenery through cities that became legends in themselves: London, Paris, Innsbruck, Verona, and Venice. Its artistic movement glamor has persevered through the decades while the train’s elegant suites recall an older, more stylish age.

Most guests board the train in London for the one-night journey to Venice. But passengers traveling from Italy might notice a group of bizarre crates being delivered personally to the top chef on the Paris platform.
They are crammed with freshly caught lobsters to be served during a delicious brunch before the train reaches the French port of Calais — only available on the westward route.

Golden Eagle

The next Luxury Train Travel is Golde Eagle. Hardcore travelers say you haven’t really experienced train travel until you’ve ridden the Trans-Siberian Express, with its intimidating itinerary that spans a whopping eight time zones. The Aquila chrysaetos may be a luxury version of the Trans-Siberian, featuring en-suite bathrooms, air-con within the summer, full heat within the winter, laundry services, TVs, a resident pianist, and an English-speaking doctor.

The two-week passage feels more sort of a cruise than a train ride because it stops for daily excursions along the way. It rides along Lake Baikal, hauled by a Soviet Era locomotive, and makes a detour to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital. To help passengers acclimatize in extravagance, five-star accommodations in Moscow and Vladivostok are provided.

The Ghan (Luxury Train Travel)

The Ghan may be a three-night, 2,979-kilometer tour from Darwin to Adelaide that permits travelers to cross Australia while peering into the endless uniformity of the red-earthed antipodean bush. The Platinum service offers more cabin and ensuite space, chauffeured transfers, access to an exclusive dining carriage, breakfast in bed and five-course meals.

The menu highlights Australia’s exotic local fare, like saltwater barramundi fish and grilled kangaroo fillet.
The Ghan offers scheduled excursions in Katherine and Alice Springs, while special stops provide a chance to experience either an outback sunrise in Marla going north or a nightcap under the Milky Way in Manguri going south.

Blue Train

The Blue Train’s 27-hour, 1,600-kilometer journey crosses South Africa diagonally, stopping at the diamond mines of Kimberley on the way south and at the eccentrically colonial outpost of Matjiesfontein on the way north.
Luxurious surroundings apart, the image that lingers afterward is of the friendly and helpful staff. Many of the butlers have worked on the train for years and are on call 24/7 for a drink, a snack or maybe to iron clothes.

Some of the posh double suites have full-size bathtubs — there’s nothing quite like lying during a sea of bubbles, a glass of champagne in hand because of the savannah rolls by. Past passengers include Mandela, Quincy Jones, Simon, Mia Farrow, Thatcher, and Kylie Minogue. Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2016, the Blue Train is now offering special journeys from Pretoria to Hoedspruit, within the Kruger Park area.

The Canadian

The next Luxury Train Travel is The Canadian. VIA Rail’s four-day The Canadian journey takes travelers through 4,466 kilometers of lovely scenery, linking two of the country’s most enjoyable cities, Toronto and Vancouver. For a year now, the rail company has been quietly adding deluxe sleepers and gourmet meals to its standard routes. Its new Prestige class now offers seven swanky bedrooms, but these will increase to 13 in summer 2016.

Each comes with its own ensuite shower, a washroom and minibar with alcohol included within the ticket price.
At night, when the Canadian wilderness lies invisible, an in-carriage flat-screen TV will keep passengers entertained with preloaded content on a USB stick. Worth noting: this is often the sole regular scheduled train in North America to supply double beds rather than upper and lower bunks or simply singles.

Seven Stars (Luxury Train Travel)

The “Seven Stars in Kyushu” is Japan’s most luxurious train, featuring seven carriages that hold just 30 people in 14 suites. The interiors showcase the simplest in Japanese craftsmanship, like walls of rosewood and maple, walnut floors, shoji paper screens as window coverings and sliding glass doors etched with flowers and birds.

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