Wakatobi Dive Resort Sulawesi Indonesia

Wakatobi dive resort – Wakatobi is the resort located in Southeast Sulawesi region. It’s offers the best ocean view which is owned by Indonesia.

Indonesia has some of the resorts that offer exotic landscapes with incredible panoramic and visitors can enjoy diving there. Place dubbed as the heart of the world’s coral reefs, including the one which has received positive recognition of foreign travelers and foreign tourists, as well as being one of the most widely visited resort in the world.

Wakatobi National Park is the heart of the coral reef, the island is located in the Tukang Besi Island in the Banda Sea. Resort has a view of the blue ocean filled with pristine coral reefs without tainted. The place is also the site of the protection of various species of fish and other marine animals. Crystal clear sea that still allows the diver to see the see the bottom of the sea by 30 feet. This place is a paradise for divers, and Wakatobi has resort for divers.

The location around Wakatobi Resort can be regarded as a “haven” for fans of photography and the beauty of the underwater diver because here was absolutely riveting. Of coral reefs and various kinds of colors, the fish swam to and fro, until the clean sand seabed guaranteed feast for the eyes and should be perpetuated.

No different from beneath the sea, the natural scenery on land around the Wakatobi dive resort was equally riveting. The blocks are covered with thick foliage resort opposite the white sandy beach were able to spoil anyone who visits this place. Location which is a blend of clear blue water adjacent to hills covered by green plants into fresh sufficient reason to go to this place. Like getting a different atmosphere on one occasion.


Wakatobi Eco-Tourism

Wakatobi Resort is built, is actually a tourist destination location where the most remote and undisturbed by humans. Areas that are often referred to by the biological as the “Coral Triangle” because of the diversity of animal species and diverse reefs.

The Resort area located in the Sulawesi region benefited from the mild climate and sunny weather each year which means that the visitor does not need to be afraid of storms, sweltering heat or heavy rains often hit other parts of Indonesia. Sunset here is also quite famous and always anticipated by the visitors.

When you  visit to Wakatobi, do not miss the sunset is often called the best in Indonesia. Climate is providing an opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather throughout the year.


Waves in the sea around Wakatobi dive resort itself is also said to be safe to be explored. This is possible because the collection of coral reefs and surrounding islands that form a protective wall that can withstand the flow of water, creating quiet water flow is easy to explore, as well as mild climate and low rainfall.

The Wakatobi dive resort is managed by a group of divers who brought the concept of Eco-Tourism is safe for the environment while protecting and establish areas for coral reef conservation. The effort seemed to work for about 20 km successful coral reef protected areas, working with 17 villages in the surrounding area together to help preserve the area.

Wakatobi dive resort has received numerous awards as a region that contributes positively to the preservation of the environment, while providing significant contributions to the welfare of local people. Award three times in a row as the best resort in Indonesia.

Service Oriented on Wakatobi – Wakatobi Resort deliver comfort to the visitors with a convenient fast service so guests have easy accommodation while staying there. The existence of a variety of exciting tour exploring various interesting spots located around the lodge, making day-to-day at the resort to be exciting.

The staff at this resort will help guests to meet the desires and needs, ranging from booking and accommodation, scheduling tour of the island, to special requests such as star gazing or a romantic dinner. Guided by professionals in the field, making all the needs can be handled with ease.

This place also offers a variety of exciting activities as well as introducing the natural beauty around who have become famous and a must try for visitors resort. The activity provides an exceptional experience for visitors to better enjoy their holiday at Wakatobi dive resort.

The resort designed as  bungalows and villas nuance and prioritize openness and closeness with nature around. Though made simpler, interior decoration still exudes an aura of luxury.

One of the most famous is the snorkel to see the panorama of underwater well-known all over the world until very extraordinary. For your information, a lot of snorkeling and diving people  enthusiasts who come here to witness the most beautiful scenery in the world.

There are more than 40 diving points that are closed location each others, making it easy to find. Once in the sea, the diver will be greeted with underwater hills, caves, until the beautiful underwater life. It’s incredible. In addition, there are also other activities that are not less interesting as a trip around the island by kayak, kite surfing, paddle boarding.

For fans of the tour use the ship should try Pelagian Dive Yacht which provide adventure experiences along surrounding areas. This tour includes visit the islands of Tomia, Kaledupa, Binongko, Hoga Wangi-Wangi and Buton.


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Wakatobi Seaside Resort

As the resort is located on the beach, the design used refers to the openness and comfortable atmosphere so that visitors can still enjoy the freshness of the exotic nature of the room. Space provided is also quite a lot. More than twenty  grand bungalows and four villas. Interestingly, the four villas are designed differently from each other.

Wakatobi dive resort given a positive response as the heart of the world’s coral reefs due to various species of coral reefs. This place is also a conservation area various species of other marine creatures. Waatobi is best place for divers.

Accordance seaside resort concept, architectural design leading to a warm tropical feel. Shades of wood into the majority of the material found in every room, from the floor, the doors, to the roof using wood materials with additional concrete wall to strengthen the building. So enjoy visit Wakatobi Resort Dive Resort!!!

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Decorating the resort is also quite interesting to feel luxury and arranged in such a way to keep it simple yet stylish. For interior elements, such as the widely used plant motifs painting bamboo trees, while the aromatherapy bathroom amenities are provided for use.

Towards the evening, do not miss the sunset that it has become a must when staying here. View of the sunset can be seen directly from the front of the villa with a clear view and unobstructed. It’s simply breathtaking!!

At night around the resort shows the beautiful scenery and intimate. With the lights that add ambiance on the circumstances, accompanied by the evening sea breeze made the evening a very fitting for relaxation.

Gift of nature given to this very beautiful area deserves to be exposed and managed to run this place perfectly. Underwater scenery is very famous and a quirk of Eastern Indonesia has invited a lot of tourists that never stop amazed by its beauty. So, plan your vacation to the Wakatobi Dive Resort to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the sea around Wakatobi National Park.

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