Weather For Grand Canyon South Rim

Weather For Grand Canyon South Rim – The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is that the most visited location at Grand Canyon park. The Scenic views and vistas are what you’re expecting and are waiting a lifetime to ascertain. The South Rim is open year-round and accessible by all. this is often your quick guide to South Rim Vacation Planning.

Grand Canyon weather varies consistent with elevation. The forested rims are high enough to receive winter snowfall, but along the Colorado River within the Inner Gorge, temperatures are almost like those found in Tucson and other low elevation desert locations in Arizona. Grand Canyon park weather regions are generally dry, but substantial precipitation occurs twice annually, during seasonal pattern shifts in winter and in late summer.

Average annual precipitation on the South Rim is a smaller amount than 16 inches (35 cm), with 60 inches (132 cm) of snow, the upper North Rim usually receives 27 inches (59 cm) of moisture, with a typical snowfall of 144 inches (317 cm), and Phantom Ranch, far below the Canyon’s rims along the Colorado River at 2,500 feet (762 m) gets just 8 inches (17.6 cm) of rain, and snow may be a rarity. The weather varies from the north rim and to the south rim.

The Grand Canyon Weather

Temperatures in Grand Canyon

Below are average temperatures at the Grand Canyon by month and by region. Temperatures vary quite dramatically counting on the season and also on altitude. generally, the Inner Grand Canyon is warmer and may you dangerously warm within the summer if not prepared. In contrast, the temperatures on the North Rim and South Rim are often quite cold in winter.

Temperature and Weather For Grand Canyon South Rim

Weather For Grand Canyon South Rim Condition

The South Rim is 7,000 feet above water levelwhich suggests snow in winter and funky nights even in summer. However, when hiking at Grand Canyon, you’ll experience warmer temperatures within the summer along the Colorado River as temperatures can reach 120 ºF / 47 ºC. Weather is especially changeable in spring and fall; visitors should be prepared for a spread of climates.

Whatever time of year you select to go to Grand Canyon park, be prepared for a spread of climates as weather is changeable during all seasons.

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The South Rim, where Grand Canyon Village is found, is 7,000 feet above water levelthis suggests an opportunity for snow in winter and funky nights in summer. High temperatures range from the 70s to 80s (21 – 27 ºC) within the summer months during the day to 30s and 40s (-1 – 4 ºC) during the winter.

However, if you propose to hike into the canyon below the rim, be prepared for much warmer conditions. In fact, summer temperatures along the Colorado River at the canyon bottom can reach as high as 120 ºF / 47 ºC.

Long sleeves and pants are advised to stop dehydration and sunburn. And make certain to hold much water. While you’re hiking, you’ll want to drink many water and sports drinks, and snack on salty high-carbohydrate foods.

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The great depth of the Grand Canyon produces a spread of conditions between the South Rim and Phantom Ranch. Temperatures usually vary by 20 ºF (11 ºC) between the highest and therefore the bottom.

Summer (June – August) – Temperatures often exceed 100 ºF (38 ºC) at rock bottom of the canyon.

Winter (December – February) – From the snow at the South Rim to the more temperate Phantom Ranch, a winter trip within the canyon is a fantastic experience. Average temperatures on the rim range from a coffee of 20 ºF to a high of 43 ºF. Average temperatures at Phantom Ranch range from a coffee of 38 ºF to a high of 58 ºF.

Spring (March-May) & Fall (September – November) – Be prepared for love or money because the weather varies wildly during these seasons. Inner-canyon temperatures are generally very mild. The leaves delivering the autumn and therefore the wildflowers blooming within the spring are simply spectacular. Average temperatures at the South Rim range from a coffee of 34 ºF to a high of 62 ºF. Average temperatures at Phantom Ranch range from a coffee of 55 ºF to a high of 82 ºF.

Whatever the Weather For Grand Canyon South Rim, you’ll be happy to understand that the South Rim is open 24 hours each day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

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