Weather In Riviera Maya Mexico You Should Know

Weather In Riviera Maya – The Riviera Maya is located in a tropical situation, meaning high temperatures are constant. Generally, brave in the Riviera Maya is divided into the rainy season and the cool season, which runs from May to October and October to April, respectively. Nonetheless, if you look at it from a temperature view, the region knows higher temperatures from around March or April until about October.

Cancun may be a tropical Caribbean destination that gives many things to try to under a comparatively hot, humid climate the entire year-round. because of this mix of warmth and humidity, hurricane season in Cancun and Riviera Maya may be a reality. Nevertheless, the weather within the Mexican Caribbean is split into a season and a season. The season runs from May to October, while the season runs from November to April.

The temperature does vary throughout the year, though it’s mainly the lows that are noticeable because the heat is more or less constant. In winter months you’ll expect highs of around 82°F, compared to the 90°F of summer; with lows of 61°F and 72°F respectively. The season is at its peak during September and October; on the average, it rains on 20 days during September. The driest months are generally March and April, with rain seen on but 10 days during monthly. Finally, the hurricane season in Cancun and therefore the Riviera Maya runs from June to November.


Things to do on the Riviera Maya

You’ll likely spend most of your vacation hanging out on the beach or playing within the surf, except for a dose of culture, address this Riviera Maya travel guide. Here are some regional highlights:

• The skin diving cavern Cenote Dos Ojos
• The ecological center of Centro Ecológico Akumal
• The Xibalba Dive Center
• The Punta Venado Caribbean Eco-Park
• The Alma Libre bookstore
• The caves at Xel-Há park

When to go to the Riviera Maya

When we know Weather In Riviera Maya Mexico. We can make a decision when the best time to go to Riviera Maya. Travel to the Riviera Maya requires careful planning. The season begins in May and continues into November; on average, the region receives almost five feet of rainfall annually. Fortunately, the really severe tropical storms and hurricanes tend to hit the opposite side of the Yucatan. The season begins in late November and ends in February, making this season the simplest time to go to the Riviera Maya. Avoid Riviera Maya travel from March through May, however – the warmth and humidity are oppressive.

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