What To Do In Playa Del Carmen Mexico

What To Do In Playa Del Carmen – Playa Del Carmen is a great little beach metropolis. In so many styles, it’s the perfect fun-in-the-sun trip end. On a dazzling strain of Caribbean coastline, Playa is smack dab in the middle of the paradisaic Mayan Riviera. The city itself offers many fascinations, plus you don’t have to go far to enjoy the raw glamour of the encircling area.

Playa del Carmen may be a fun beach town on Mexico’s Yucatan, a part of the classic Riviera Maya route down the coast.

Smaller and fewer touristy than Cancun, it’s becoming a well-liked travel destination for people trying to find travel experiences that are more substantial than your typical all-inclusive resort.

Find Best What To Do In Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Beaches

Your hotel or resort will likely occupy a stretch of pristine white sand, but if you are feeling like venturing off the property to explore more of Playa’s shore, you will find a bevy of alluring beaches. You’ll likely walk past the beach at Parque Fundadores while strolling La Quinta Avenida because it sits parallel to the bustling thoroughfare.

You’ll know you’re within the right place once you see the huge arch sculpture that’s erected at the beach’s main entrance. consistent with past visitors, this beach is usually crowded with both tourists and locals, but it is also chock-filled with amenities and conveniently located near the ADO bus depot and therefore the ferry to Cozumel. it is also home to a playground – perfect if you’re traveling with kids. The beach is liberal to access, but an easy chair or equipment rentals will cost you additional.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

The next What To Do In Playa Del Carmen Mexico is snorkeling and scuba diving activities. Playa del Carmen offers access to a number of the simplest diving spots within the occident, especially just offshore near Cozumel. Travelers say you cannot come to Playa del Carmen without taking a dip under the ocean to explore its colorful population of fish. Many diving companies have found out shop in Playa: one among the foremost popular is that the Playa-based Reef Quest Divers, which caters to amateurs and experts alike. Reef Quest features a sort of dive charters including reef dives and native cenote dives.

Playa Scuba Dive Center is another well-reviewed company that organizes scuba tours. the variability of options and staff members at both companies received praise from previous divers. Meanwhile, those looking to snorkel can borrow equipment from their hotel, buy equipment in town or try an excursion with Reef Quest, The Snorkel Shop or Playa del Carmen Tours.

Xcaret Park (What To Do In Playa Del Carmen)

Both experts and travelers say that Xcaret may be a kind of Yucatán-style Disneyland, an outsized outdoor “eco-park” crammed with an aviary, a dolphin aquarium, a turtle sanctuary and a beach perfect for swimming, diving or snorkeling. The park also offers various excursions like dolphin interactions, stingray encounters, shark swims, scuba tours, and speedboat rides. Stay the day at Xcaret then enjoy the evening events, which include performances exploring the area’s Mayan past.

Xcaret is home to a couple of dining venues also. Past visitors were big fans of Xcaret, noting that the park was crammed with attractions, things to explore and activities to enjoy, though some do say it can get very crowded. Some do note Xcaret’s admission fees are expensive but most say it’s worthwhile, calling out the well-maintained exhibits and beach and therefore the pleasant staff. Past visitors recommended setting aside a minimum of one full day to require advantage of Xcaret’s attractions and experiences. In fact, some said you’ll spend two days here and not see an equivalent thing twice. Travelers also note you’ll economize by purchasing your tickets beforehand online.

La Quinta Avenida

laya del Carmen’s main street, La Quinta Avenida, runs parallel to the shore and is a pedestrian walkway for travelers and locals. The avenue is lined with an assortment of street performers, restaurants, hotels, hostels, condominiums and bars, making it one among the simplest nightlife spots within the city. There are many souvenir shops also selling trinkets and mementos. Some visitors do caution that street vendors are often aggressive hawking their goods along the avenue.

Simply ignore their sales pitches and continue on your way and they’ll get the message. Should you need amenities beyond a fast meal or a kitschy souvenir, inspect the intersecting Avenida Juárez, the commercial district’s main thoroughfare equipped with banks, grocery stores, and gas stations. confine mind: Because this thoroughfare attracts an outsized number of tourists, prices at restaurants and bars are going to be higher compared to other areas of Playa.


Tulum (What To Do In Playa Del Carmen)

Tulum may be a relaxed, tiny beach town, which is growing in popularity among travelers for its gorgeous shores and great nightlife. Located an hour approximately outside Playa del Carmen, take a while to explore the middle if you would like, but confirm to enjoy the important draw of the town – the crystalline waters and expansive beaches.

Renting bikes is advisable and straightforward because the beach and center are separated by the Tulum park, meaning taxis are often required to ferry you between the 2. However, the bikes also will are available handy if you would like to snorkel within the Gran Cenote, located further inland, or anybody of the opposite cenotes that dot the peninsula.


Another quaint town located outside of Playa del Carmen, Akumal is as popular because it is for its population of sea turtles. More specifically, the prospect of the snorkel with endangered green sea turtles. Putting aside this awesome activity for a second, Akumal itself may be a pretty standard Mexican beach town; laidback and quiet. But returning to the work at hand, the simplest part about it’s that it doesn’t necessitate the utilization of a tour company.

Simply make your thanks to Akumal, either during a taxi or on the Colectivo buses, rent some snorkel gear, and obtain within the water. Turtles are abundant during this area, but it’s still best to travel in down-season to ensure a sighting.


The next What To Do In Playa Del Carmen Mexico is Playacar. If going farther afield for stunning beaches just isn’t your thing, as long as you’re surrounded by them in Playa del Carmen itself, look no further than Playacar. Located farther south than the middle, it’s widely considered one among the higher beaches within the area, thanks to the presence of fewer tourists, which allows more square footage per person than you’re likely to urge on the beaches with more prime central locations. Relax with a book, overlooking the ocean or take a dip within the safe waters of Playacar.

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