Belize Travel Guide In Summer With Low Budget

Belize Travel Guide – We hunt for bargains that will seek out new travel deals and invite you, dear readers, to ask your own questions. One of the cases we will solve here is visiting Belize in the summer on a minimal budget.

We believe congratulations are common, and there’s no better way to celebrate an achievement like a graduation than a tropical vacation. After the work is done, it is time to play and relax. Belize is the ideal place to do just that. So let’s see what we can find to give your family the vacation it deserves.

Despite the rainy season with the possibility of storms (the biggest threat is usually in October), June is a great time to visit Belize with fewer prices and fewer people. In fact, due to the low season, many places offer discounts on travel from June to October. When figuring out the costs for a group, it’s usually easier to break down your $5,000 budget on a per-person basis, or $1,250 to spend on each family member.


The first Belize Travel Guide is about flight. No matter where you’re coming from, we’ve selected the top airports (Dallas) flying to Belize to compare airfares to help you determine the price of a complete itinerary. Round-trip airfare from Dallas to Belize City in June starts at 582 USD per person (including taxes and fees), leaving us with the remaining 668 USD to spend on lodging and ground transportation.

Accommodation (Belize Travel Guide)

Depending on where you want to live, Belize offers accommodations to suit any price range. If you want to stick to a conservative budget, you can book a room at one of the lodges along the Toucan Trail. It offers more than 100 small hotels costing USD 60 or less per night. For example, we can find rooms at Pedro’s Inn on Ambergris Caye starting at 50 USD per night. By taking the Toucan Trial, you are guaranteed not to spend more than 60 USD per night.

Let’s say you expect to stay five nights, meaning the accommodation will cost you at most 300 USD per room, or 150 USD per person. It is wise to read other travelers’ reviews of hotel properties via TripAdvisor or other sites before booking. This is important to make sure you get what you pay for.

Belize Travel Guide In Summer

Car rental

The next Belize Travel Guide is about Renting a car. It will give you some freedom to explore at your own pace. Car rentals here start at 50 USD per day, or about 281 USD (including taxes and fees), via Expedia for five days in June. You can pick up the car and drop it off at the airport.

The breakdown above brings your total expenses for a five-day vacation (including lodging and ground transportation) to $3,209, or $802 per person. That leaves you with 1,791 USD to spend on entertainment and food.

Fun Activities in Belize

And Belize is famous for the many activities to do especially for those who are adventurous. Here, you can choose from marine life excursions (such as snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and catamaran cruises) to rainforest treks (including jungle trails, cave exploration, and river canoeing). The options are very limitless. Plus, there are plenty of activities to do even if you don’t have the guts, including listening to the waves on the beach from a comfortable chair.

You say you want to skip all-inclusive resorts, but you also say you want adventure or environmental activities. So it’s safe to say we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention Chaa Creek. The resort is different from its larger counterparts, in that it is located in a 365-acre nature reserve at the foot of the Maya mountains, and offers a unique adventure and ecosystem experience.

Belize Holiday Packages

The next Belize Travel Guide is about Packages. You can choose from a range of holiday packages with an emphasis on different experiences. Includes bird watching, family, adventure, swimming and hiking, historic expeditions, chocolates, weddings, and eco-friendly.

The latter starts at 200 USD per night per person (without taxes and fees), but you can save an additional 15 percent on travel during certain dates in April, May, and June.

The package includes a three-night stay in a luxury lodge, all meals, guided tour of an organic Maya farm, hiking along with the Ruta Maya Trail system, guided tour of Chaa Creek Natural History Center, butterfly guided tour of the farm, guided interpretive tour of Rainforest Medicine Trail, early morning walks, horseback riding and canoeing along the Macal River.

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Total Cost (Belize Travel Guide)

The total cost for a three-night stay (510 USD at 15 percent discount), meals, activities, and airfare, is 1,092 USD per person, or 4,368 USD for four people (without taxes and resort fees).

Granted it’s for two nights less than the price above, and that doesn’t include car rental. So you have to decide what is more important to you during your trip.

If you want to miss out on the added benefit of meals included in the overall price, you can book a room at the lodge from 135 USD per night for a double room (without taxes and fees) from May to December, which includes a full breakfast and on-site activities. It will cost 675 USD for five nights (without taxes and fees). This brings the total for flights, ground transportation, lodging, breakfast, and activities to 990 USD per person. Or 3,959 USD for four people (without taxes and lodging).

Or, for something a little more simple and affordable, you can choose to stay in a casita at Macal River camp for 55 USD per night, or 275 USD for five nights (without taxes and fees), including breakfast, dinner, and on-site activity. This option will cost 927 USD per person. Or 3,709 USD for four people (without lodging tax and fees).

These are just a few of Belize Travel Guide and many ways to book your trip. But it does prove that you can find a few different ways to keep your vacation within budget. We hope you and your family have fun celebrating in the great outdoors.

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