Best Island in the Caribbean for Families on Summer

Best Island in the Caribbean for Families – The Caribbean archipelago that stretches wide filled with various small islands in it can be your choice of holiday destination in the summer of this year. In summer the water is warmer, clearer, and calmer. There are plenty of activities on offer on the island, be it kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, or just paddling with a rum punch in hand. Yes, for many, the Caribbean is the best summer destination. we will list some islands we think you’ll love.

Find  9 Best Islands in the Caribbean For Your Family Vacation

1. Virgin Gorda

The first Best Island in the Caribbean for Families is Virgin Gorda. It’s incredible that this island of Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean archipelago still manages to stay under the radar after all these years. And there are many ways to experience this relaxing island, whether to stay in a hillside bungalow at the Bitter End Yacht Club, a cliffside suite at Oil Nut Bay, a villa or rent a jeep, and just explore the wonders of the island, from The Baths to Savannah Bay.

Virgin Gorda Caribbean

2. Cayman Brac (Best Island in the Caribbean for Families)

There is something special about this place, which is only a short flight from the “mainland” of Grand Cayman. Here the people are very friendly and the scenery is something extraordinary to see. This is an island for a relaxing summer vacation, you can escape the hustle and bustle. And if you’re coming to The Brac, as the locals know it, there are some great accommodation options.

Cayman Brac

Brac Reef Resort, a dive resort with a beautiful little beach, and the recently expanded Le Soleil d’Or boutique hotel with an emphasis on farmer-to-table cuisine.

3. Staniel Cay

The next The first Best Island in the Caribbean is Staniel Cay. The Exuma chain in the Bahamas has perhaps the most beautiful water on earth. While locals describe it as a colored “Windex,” it will change so frequently during the day that it often defies description. It’s a destination to enjoy on the water, and that’s what makes it the perfect summer destination.

Staniel Cay - Best Island in the Caribbean for Families

But for the quintessential Exuma experience, head to Staniel Cay and the lovely Staniel Cay Yacht Club hotel, which is just a short flight from Nassau and a slightly longer one from Fort Lauderdale. This is a collection of hotel bungalows, some of which even come with their own boat.

4. St Barth

St Barth is a true French Caribbean paradise. And when the peak of the tourist season can mean excruciatingly high prices, if you go to the island in the summer you get all the luxury and beauty, but often at a very high price. There’s really no place in the Caribbean like that, whether you want luxury shopping, sunbathing on the beach, or luxury lodging. Try the warm and charming Le Village hotel in St Jean or the ultra-luxurious Le Guanahani. And don’t forget to rent a Mini Cooper convertible.

St Barth in Caribbean

5. Aruba

The other Best Island in the Caribbean for Families is Aruba. It is one of the best Caribbean summer destinations, but Aruba has so much more to offer than calm waters. The Dutch Caribbean island summer circuit is full of great festivals, from music to windsurfing, and then there’s Aruba’s burgeoning culinary scene, with backers like Screaming Eagle and Wilhelmina. The best hotels on the island are the adults-only Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts, with the Aruba Marriott an excellent choice for couples and families.

Best Island in the Caribbean for Families - Aruba

6. Hermitage Bay, Antigua

Antigua, when an island has 365 beaches, seems to get more beautiful each time you visit. And this is especially true in Antigua, where the beaches are calm, gentle and almost always offer a feeling of privacy. But the island also has one of the best collections of all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, just not what it used to be. These are authentic, luxury hotels that put no boundaries between you and great Caribbean enjoyment, from luxe Galley Bay to clubby club Curtain Bluff to boutique Hermitage Bay.

Hermitage Bay, Antigua

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7. Martinique (Best Island in the Caribbean for Families)

And there’s no better place in the Caribbean than Martinique, the world’s capital, and the West Indies envy for its produce, the spectacular Rhum Agricole, made from fresh sugarcane juice. But there’s something much cooler on the island than that: the enchanting capital city of Fort de France, from the new Simon’s seaside boutique hotels to beachfront resorts like Cap-Est. It’s all part of what makes Martinique not only one of the best Caribbean Islands to visit during the summer but any time of year.


8. Bocas del Toro (Best Island in the Caribbean for Families)

The Caribbean epicenter of Panama is the islands called Bocas del Toro, a small archipelago containing nine main islands and a number of gorges. It’s a throwback to the Caribbean of yesteryear, with its small cottages, as well as hotel bungalows.

Bocas del Toro Caribbean

9. Nevis

The next Best Island in the Caribbean for Families is Nevis. It is a small island in the Eastern Caribbean filled with old sugar mills and lovely small plantation inns. While small, there’s every type of getaway here, from a romantic escape to Montpelier Plantation and Beach to a family adventure at the Four Seasons Nevis Resort, or a villa getaway at Paradise Beach. Make sure you spend time with the Nevis turtle group to help protect the island’s turtle population while you’re on Nevis island.

Nevis Caribbean

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