Best Adventure Trips for Families

Best Adventure Trips for Families – A vacation filled with adventurous travel will leave you coming home with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The reason is, in the places that we will mention below, they have their own beauty that you may have never seen before. You’ll be on an adventure through the Australian outback so vast as to enjoy 22 hours of sunny Iceland. For more details, read this article.

Find Below Best Adventure Trips for Families

Here, we’ve rounded up the 10 most adventurous trips in the world for you curious and active travelers.

1. Outback Adventure in Australia

The first Best Adventure Trips for Families is Outback adventure in Australia, vast, largely uninhabited, and extremely rugged, was one of the last frontiers of modern times. Indigenous Aboriginal people have respected the ancient tradition of the walkabout as signaling ages from youth to adulthood, spending up to a month walking alone in this wild countryside.

Outback Adventure in Australia

You can choose between a guided tour or a group visit. Go for a few days or a few weeks and choose from a variety of routes from treks across the Australian Alps to hikes through the Red Centre, to guided tours of Sydney’s beaches.

2. Spring Break in Iceland (Best Adventure Trips for Families)

Spring Break in Iceland

Iceland is one of the largest volcanic islands, with enough underground geothermal activity to heat the water escaping the ground to an average of 176 F. The boiling water gushes out of the ground and collides with the icy-cold water of flowing mountain streams. Ironically, Iceland has more hot springs than any other country in the world.

And, being part of the Arctic region, Iceland has long months to travel and soak. During the summer solstice, the sun can hover just above the horizon for 20 hours. And what you will see are unspoiled landscapes. The 3,700-mile coastline surrounds a wide variety of geographies from glacial lakes to vast grassy valleys to volcanic volcanoes.

3. Scandinavian Adventure on Sled

The next Best Adventure Trips for Families is a Scandinavian adventure. If you are a dog lover, this may be the adventure of a lifetime. Imagine teaming up with five lovely huskies as you guide your sled through snowy Sweden and Norway. You’ll traverse ancient travel routes, along riverbanks, and past traditional settlements, with the majestic Norwegian mountains towering in the distance. Meanwhile slid behind a pack of warm huskies.

Scandinavian Adventure on Sled - Best Adventure Trips for Families

How else can you see over 6,000 Oxstindarna, Norway’s highest peak, a Swedish birch forest untouched by mankind? At night, with the moon clear and the stars reflecting the abundant snow, you’ll stay in cozy farmhouses and mountain lodges, enjoying local food, bright fireplaces, and—of course, a relaxing sauna.

4. Adventure in the Galapagos Islands la Eco Cruise

Adventure in the Galapagos Islands la Eco cruise

The Galapagos Islands, unspoiled, untouched, and unpolluted, are a nature lover’s paradise. The Galapagos Islands have it all. Located in Pacific waters, about 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the archipelago’s five islands are covered with saltwater lakes, lava fields, forests, beaches, and bays, and are inhabited by tropical birds, rare animals, and an abundance of marine life.

While sailing between these beautiful islands, you can stop and hike, swim, listen to the sounds of nature at night, and sleep comfortably.

5. New Zealand in the Rocks

New Zealand in the Rocks

The next Best Adventure Trips for Families is New Zealand in the Rocks. New Zealand has been known for many years for its beautiful terrain. In the last decade, rock climbers from all over the world have started to appreciate it too. A series of mountain peaks work along the country’s South Island like the backbone and points of the coastline. The weather is almost always perfect, the air is unpolluted and clean, and the views from these peaks are stunning. This beautiful landscape coupled with the high-quality limestone has placed New Zealand at the top of the list of international hiking destinations.

6. Adventure Ride the Trans-Mongolia Express (Best Adventure Trips for Families)

Adventure Ride the Trans-Mongolia Express

For an adventure filled with beautiful scenery, enter the fascinating world of history. When you do, enter these three countries. From the elegance of Russia’s big cities to the luxury of China, with the elegance and beauty of the Mongolian plains in between, you’ll enjoy diverse views from the comfort of a chugging train.

The Trans-Mongolian Express offers 21-day, one-way trips, and you can take Russia, go southeast, or China, and travel northwest. No matter which way you go, you will have the exhilarating experience of seeing a part of the world that few have seen.

7. Sicily and the Aeolian Islands for Hiking or Cycling

The next Best Adventure Trips for Families is Hiking in the Aeolian Islands. Seven small islands sprinkling water north of Sicily, Italy contain some of the most beautiful life you can imagine. The smallest and westernmost island, Alicudi, is covered in pink heather in spring and is largely overlooked by tourists. The western half of the island is completely uninhabited, and steep cliffs fall straight into the blue waters below, while the eastern half is covered by the steppe over which the village lies.

Best Adventure Trips for Families - Sicily and the Aeolian Islands for Hiking or Cycling

Walk and bike to these stunning islands for seven days for just $4,000. Cyclist offers rides ready to go. You may want to take some boat tours to see this beautiful island facing the Mediterranean waters, which will be an additional fee. And, don’t forget to sample locally made marzipan and authentic cappuccinos throughout your adventure.

8. Van Gogh’s French-Inspired Adventure

Van Gogh's French-Inspired Adventure

In 1888, Vincent Van Gogh looked for inspiration. He found it in Provence, France. A land of unparalleled beauty, Van Gogh believed that it was a magical world where humans and nature blended effortlessly. A master of brushwork and bold colors, Van Gogh remained largely unappreciated throughout his life, but today his paintings hang in the great halls of The Louvre, The Musee D’Orsay, and prestigious museums around the world.

And his paintings are not only coveted by museums but they are kept in collectors’ private vaults and galleries. In fact, you can take a trip to every great museum and gallery in the world.

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9. Elephant Trekking Adventure in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Best Adventure Trips for Families)

The city of Chiang Mai, located in the north of Thailand, is a quick flight from the very bright big city of Bangkok, but it may also be otherworldly. Here you can rent a tuk-tuk, a small carriage pulled by motorbike, to take you around the small but thriving town, tasting local delicacies such as fish curry and coconut pudding.

Elephant Trekking Adventure in Chiang Mai, Thailand

On a hot afternoon, you can take a bamboo raft to the river. Or spend a day exploring the famous Chiang Dao Caves, and visit a nearby village where the “Karen Long Neck Ladies” deliberately lengthens their necks with the help of metal neck extenders.

10. Safari Adventure in East Africa

Safari Adventure in East Africa

The next Best Adventure Trips for Families is Safari adventure in East Africa. East Africa is one of the last strongholds of lions, elephants, and gorillas is the best place in the world to go on a safari. Huge national parks have been set up throughout the region, where huge beasts can roam freely, untouched by mankind’s progress.

Hunting is now banned in many African countries, but traditional safaris have been replaced with sight-seeing safaris. So if the only thing you want to shoot is an image or photo, your options are wide open.

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