Most Beautiful Places in the World to Visit This Year

Most Beautiful Places in the World – Come with us as we revisit our favorite places. From Woodstock to Dubai, we’ve traveled the world. And here’s what we found along the way.

Find Some Most Beautiful Places in the World for your vacation

Colmar, France

Colmar, France

Every year, we struggle to find enough holiday spirit to last the whole season. But this year, we found a lot of fun and excitement in Colmar, France. If there was a place like Christmastown, it would look like a French accent. The Christmas market sets the holiday scene. Each sells a variety of handcrafted items, including homemade treats such as gingerbread and wine. We saved a lot of money by eating in the stands, where we sampled local cheeses, meats, poule de noel (meat stewed in a sweet-spicy sauce and served in a pita), sausages and sauerkraut, and churros.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

While visiting friends in Dubai during her deployment in the Navy, Associate Editor Jessica Labrencis stumbled upon the most exotic places she had ever been. He said, “I hope Dubai will be Disney-esque, made and made, and while some of it is designed for tourists with a lot of money. We were also able to escape the chain restaurants and shops when we wanted to. Dubai is usually very expensive for airfare and accommodation. But travelers can save on luxury accommodation by traveling in the summer when hotel rooms are heavily discounted (and the temperature is very hot).”

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Washington - Most Beautiful Places in the World

The next Most Beautiful Places in the World is Seattle in Washington. We were pleasantly surprised by the cheap eats in Seattle and the friendly weather in May. “It turned out to be an amazing walking city, which you wouldn’t expect because it has a reputation for bad weather,” he said. “We walked all over the location and found lots of great places to eat on the cheap, including Shopping Crumpet, Hattie’s Hat, Bitchin Burrito Kitchen Bimbo, Drive-In Dick, and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. We also took advantage of the endless produce at the Pike Place Market and took a picnic. We spent four very enjoyable days there and really didn’t spend too much money.”

Mendocino, California

Associate Editor Christine Sarkis became a fan of the duality of Mendocino County during a recent trip. “On the one hand, it’s a wild place dominated by the Pacific Ocean and giant redwood forests, but it’s also a fairly sophisticated destination, with more artists per capita than anywhere else in the US. Evidence of this is in galleries and art spaces all over the city,” he said. “It is also a thriving wine region and a place where you can enjoy fresh and local ingredients from land and sea in every season.”

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

The next Most Beautiful Places in the World is Warsaw in Poland. Associate Editor Sarah Pascarella, discovered Warsaw on an October trip to Poland, and it quickly hit the top spot in 2007. “Originally planned as a stopover, Warsaw turned out to be our favorite place of the whole vacation. The city’s sense of resilience is most impressive. The Old Town was completely destroyed during World War II. But the Poles had all the original building plans and re-created this part of the city the way it was. The city has been so carefully restored that UNESCO has designated it a World Heritage Site. You would swear that the building is hundreds of years old,” he said.

Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil (Most Beautiful Places in the World)

Associate Editor Molly Feltner traveled to Brazil’s Pantanal (the website is in Portuguese only), the world’s largest wetland, last August. During his time there, he decided that the Pantanal, compared to the Amazon, offered some of the best wildlife viewings in the Western Hemisphere. He said, “You will see countless species of birds, reptiles, and mammals that you would probably never encounter in the dense Amazon rainforest.” For the best in seeing the area, he says, “Ecotourism is the only way to go in the Pantanal. I stayed at Araras Eco Lodge, one of the top lodges in the area. The five-day inclusive package (excluding airfare) costs 990 USD per person.”

Saint Emilion, France

Most Beautiful Places in the World - Saint Emilion, France

This spring, Executive Editor Anne Banas found herself captivated by the medieval town of Saint Emilion, a famous wine town in the Bordeaux region of France. “I experienced some of the best wines in the world,” he said. If you’re in the mood for fresh wine offerings, Banas finds that tastings at Saint Emillion’s “90 or so wine shops are generally free. But for the top labels, you should probably look for a wine bar where you can order wine by the glass. This will save you from buying a 1000 USD bottle if you just want a sample. ”

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Half Moon Bay, California (Most Beautiful Places in the World)

Associate Editor Erica Silverstein discovered a slice of B&B heaven while in September at Half Moon Bay. “We spent at a luxury B&B called the Mill Rose Inn, but stayed mid-week so the rates were more affordable. The B&B had everything we wanted. The varied breakfast is decadent, free wine, sherry, and afternoon snacks. Extensive DVD collection. Brilliant flower garden and Jacuzzi in a private gazebo. When we managed to leave the inn. We walk the cliffs overlooking the beach and the Pacific Ocean or browse the galleries and bookstores on Main Street,” he said.

Woodstock, New York

The next Most Beautiful Places in the World is Woodstock in New York. On a summer trip, Editor-in-Chief Ed Passarella arrives at a sentimental destination. “Imagine the hippies getting older and ending up in high-paying jobs. Then imagine where they would like to go to relax and reminisce about the youth of their culture. Just with great restaurants, classy shops, and funky accommodations. Think Woodstock,” he said. Located in the Catskill Mountains, the city is also close to natural beauty. “At the Woodstock Inn in Millstream, we enjoy breakfast every morning right by the river,” says Ed.

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