The Best Places to Visit in Winter

The Best Places to Visit in Winter – Do you love to go outside and let the fresh cool air rush into your lungs as snowflakes dance around you or stay cozy inside for a more relaxing pursuit of leisure? Being active in winter offers enough seasonal activities to keep you busy during the colder months ahead. You can go up the slopes, go for a sleigh ride, enjoy your favorite delicious meal, or maybe even take a trip to the North Pole. To give you an idea of ​​the possibilities, here are some winter activity ideas and recommendations for good places to try each.

Find Below 10 Best Places to Visit in Winter

Downhill skiing near Salt Lake City, Utah

Downhill skiing near Salt Lake City, Utah - The Best Places to Visit in Winter

One of The Best Places to Visit in Winter is downhill skiing activity near Salt Lake City in Utah. When it comes to skiing, many enthusiasts return to their favorite resorts every year and book their ski holidays or season passes months in advance. However, if you’re open to trying something new, consider visiting what may be the only major ski area where you can descend the mountain the same day your plane lands. Salt Lake City has several resort options to choose from. And many offer amenities for motivated travelers who can hit the slopes after an early morning flight. For example, nearby Park City offers ski-free days at one of three resorts for skiers with a boarding pass valid on the same day.

Visiting the Christmas Market in Strasbourg

Visiting the Christmas Market in Strasbourg

Starting in November, cities across Europe are shining with the excitement of the upcoming holiday. They set up stalls full of handicrafts, homemade treats, and other handcrafted items. This outdoor market captures the spirit of the season with its lively decor and friendly atmosphere. Home to France’s oldest and one of the largest Christmas markets, Strasbourg knows a thing or two about what it takes to have a successful holiday market. This place offers a great way for visitors to get into the Christmas spirit.

Sledding in Vermont (The Best Places to Visit in Winter)

Sledding in Vermont

It was the inspiration behind one of the most popular holiday songs, and people today still love to hear the sleigh bells tinkling as they ride the horse-drawn carriage. For the ultimate sleigh ride, Adams Family Farm in Vermont takes guests on an evening trip to a log cabin in the woods. Here, they warm themselves with papaya juice and funnel hot chocolate fondue. Sled ride costs 18 USD per adult. Plus 18 USD for the fondue. However, you can do a sleigh ride in the snow.

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center

Ice skating at Rockefeller

The other of The Best Places to Visit in Winter is Ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Ice Skating is a winter romantic pastime and fun for both adults and children. You can skate on the nearby ice rink or frozen pool, but it’s hard to beat the atmosphere at the small rink set up in New York’s Rockefeller Center. During the holiday season, ice shines from the lights on the giant Christmas tree towering above. This adds a festive atmosphere to this small arena in the heart of Manhattan. Skate rental is 8 USD, and the entry fee is 10 USD from Monday to Thursday. Meanwhile 14 USD on Friday to Sunday.

Indulge in Comfort Food in Savannah, Georgia

Indulge in Comfort Food in Savannah, Georgia

Nothing beats chicken pot pie or macaroni and cheese on a cold day. And one place to find great home-cooked and deep-fried food are in the south. With fried chicken, buttermilk crackers, and sweet potato pie as staples, the South is the ideal place to satisfy a familiar craving for warm winter treats. If you’re foraging the way moms used to cook, then you couldn’t do better than Madam and Son in Savannah. Long before Paula Deen captivated TV viewers with her “y’alls,” she served up a huge selection of southern comfort food here.

Celebrate the Seasons in Quebec City (The Best Places to Visit in Winter)

Celebrate the seasons in Quebec City 

From bright décor to late-afternoon parades, venues around the world celebrate winter in their own unique way. However, if you really want to party cold, nothing appreciates the seasons like Quebec City during its annual Carnaval de Quebec. For three weekends in a row, the historic city of Quebec City was transformed into a winter wonderland. Includes dog sledding, snow sculptures, and dance parties. The show even has its own mascot, Bonhomme. Many nearby hotels offer special packages during the celebrations.

Dogsledding in Anchorage

Dogsledding in Anchorage

Winter is the best time to spend a day working with a furry team of four-legged friends. They were dewy across the snow-covered mountain terrain. Places throughout North America offer dog sledding. But Anchorage, Alaska may be the dogsledding capital of the country, which hosts the world’s most important dogsledding race, the Iditarod. At Anchorage’s Dream a Dream Dog Farm, you can learn all about the famous breed. Cuddle with sled puppies, and even learn to command your own team of dogs.

Rise to the North Pole (The Best Places to Visit in Winter)

Rise to the North Pole

Almost every child dreams of meeting Santa Claus. Not in a mall, but in Santa’s hometown at the North Pole. Thanks to the popularity of the book and film, The Polar Express, trains across the country leave their stations to travel north to find the man in red. For a truly unique journey, hop aboard the “Polar Express” on Durango and the historic Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. On your way to the “North Pole,” you’ll drink hot chocolate and eat nougat while listening to the original story. And Santa will be waiting for your arrival. With a sleigh bell for each child. Tickets cost 26 USD per adult and 18 USD for children ages two to 11.

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Sipping hot Chocolate in Brugge, Belgium

Sipping hot Chocolate in Brugge, Belgium

On a cold winter day, a warm cup of hot chocolate warms the heart as well as the hands. There’s no better place to find this chocolate concoction than in the small town of Brugge, Belgium. Known for its chocolate production, Brugge can send a chill down the chocoholic’s spine with the fertility of its sweet shops. For a truly decadent cup of Belgian chocolate, the hot chocolate at De Proeverie can’t be beat, where it’s served with whipped cream and more chocolate on the side.

Escape from the Cold in the Bahamas

Escape from the Cold in the Bahamas


The other of The Best Places to Visit in Winter is an escape from the Cold in the Bahamas. Sometimes the dark days of winter can be overwhelming, and you just need to escape. There are many hot destinations to choose from, but the islands of the Bahamas are easy to reach from many countries. Makes it a good choice for a quick getaway. You can start your day by working hard at your desk and sipping umbrella drinks on the white sandy beach at dusk. Many airlines like Spirit offer deals to the Bahamas.

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