Donkey Ride Experience in Grand Canyon

Donkey Ride at Grand Canyon – If you’ve been to the Grand Canyon and said, “That’s great; let’s go home”, then you miss a lot to look at from the inside. This canyon hike is for fanatics or control freaks only. Riding a mule or donkey to Phantom Ranch located at the bottom of the canyon is a great bargain for what you get, but very hard.

The Grand Canyon website isn’t very revealing about HOW DIFFICULT it is to climb a mule from the top of the canyon to its bottom. But don’t let us discourage you. It’s a wonderful journey that many people dream of. For only  ($1000) you can get a cabin for a night at the foot of the canyon with a donkey for 2 days of transportation.

These mules are sweet, slow-moving rides, but they have a lot of control over where you’re going (along with a guide). You really need to remember that no one dies on a mule because this trip is a nightmare that can cause you to have a fear of heights.

donkey ride at grand canyon

What makes this trip (Donkey Ride at Grand Canyon) difficult are the turns and the distance. Despite riding a mule, the journey can be quite physically difficult. Arriving at the farm, you may feel pain in the waist and buttocks due to riding pains. To relieve this, guides usually recommend visitors soak in the mountain springs. This trip includes a cabin room and an excellent meal. In addition, the conversations of the rangers in a relaxed afternoon can be great evening entertainment.

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Rangers have often heard visitors complain about the difficulty of riding the donkey down the canyon. When asked if anyone ever stopped halfway, the answer was “All the time. They want to get off the mule. We then alerted the rangers and told them to walk back home.”

No refund once you’ve ridden the mule. Although in terms of comfort they are not so comfortable, they are extraordinary when it comes to security. Only 5 guides are required per group.

The scenery you will see during the trip is simply amazing. And they are different on the second day because there are 2 ways. The views around the canyon on the inside are second to none, and if you go in summer, you won’t have to worry about dehydration and overheating in the cabin, as the cabin has air conditioning and a guide will make sure you don’t get thirsty. It’s an experience worth the pain and the cost! Don’t miss it! -Donkey Ride at Grand Canyon-

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