Visiting the Grand Canyon in September

Visiting the Grand Canyon in September – “The Grand Canyon, Arizona has natural wonders that are simply unmatched in the rest of the world,” wrote Theodore Roosevelt. Indeed, while there are wider, deeper, and longer canyons in the world, no landscape is more iconic in America than the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s seven natural wonders.

Although the canyon itself only formed 5 million years ago, the canyon walls — which were eroded over thousands of years by the Colorado River — show layers of rock that are nearly 2 billion years old. Though dammed from above and below, the Colorado River flows uninterruptedly for 277 miles through its national parks.

Visiting the Grand Canyon in September

Grand Canyon National Park welcomes more than 5.5 million visitors each year, making it the second most visited destination after the Great Smoky Mountains. About 90 percent of visits are to the easily accessible South Rim, which is home to most accommodations and amenities. The more remote North Rim sees only 10 percent of visitors, and only about 35,000 people ever make it to its bottom.

Why September is a Great Time to Go to the Grand Canyon

When the children return to school, fall offers solitude from the stifling crowds and searing heat of summer. On the higher and colder North Rim, temperatures drop and the aspen trees begin to turn golden yellow. On the South Rim, late summer monsoons and high temperatures begin to decline in September, and shorter days bring beautiful, soft light into the canyon.

Every September, artists from across the country, visiting the Grand Canyon in September, gather for the Grand Canyon Art Celebration, where audience members can watch a multi-day Plein-air competition, or see the artwork displayed at a month-long exhibition. Meanwhile, the Grand Canyon Music Festival, held at the Shrine of Ages in the South Rim, kicks off in late August and runs through early September.

Weather at Grand Canyon in September

Are you planning a holiday with hopefully nice weather in Grand Canyon in September 2021? Here you can find some information about the weather in Grand Canyon in September:

Weather at Grand Canyon in September


Why the Grand Canyon is Also Great to Visit at Other Times

If you are looking for relative solitude, the winter months are the quietest. The North Rim closes in mid-October (and doesn’t reopen until mid-May), but the South Rim and all its amazing lookout points remain open, though you should bring warm clothes. Most hiking trails on the South Rim remain open, and state permits are much easier to obtain in winter; make sure you are ready and know the condition of the road you are going. Like fall, spring is one of the best times to visit, as the canyon’s weather starts to warm but there aren’t many visitors yet. Summer, of course, is the time when this national park gets the most millions of visitors. If you are planning a summer visit, be sure to book accommodation well in advance, as well as arrange for any necessary permits if you intend to hike.

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If You Go, don’t miss it

From the 5.5 million people who Visiting the Grand Canyon in September or each year, only a tiny fraction make it to the top; the 10 mile downhill (and 10 up) hike is rugged, steep, and challenging. But experiencing the wonders of the inner and lower canyons isn’t completely out of reach even if you’re not a tough hiker. You might consider a mule ride to Phantom Ranch and the bottom of the Grand Canyon through the Xanterra park concession. You will descend the Bright Angel Trail from Bright Angel Lodge, and return on the South Kaibab trail. You can stay for one or two nights at a cost of Rp. 7 million to 11 million ($551.62-788.16). The fee includes meals and transportation back to the lodge. Book well in advance, as these rides fill up fast.

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