Supai, a Village Behind the Grand Canyon Cliffs

Supai Grand Canyon – Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, United States, is often crowded with tourists. The steep high cliffs are the main attraction of this place. But did you know that there is actually a remote village located behind the cliffs of the Grand Canyon? Yes, the village is called Supai.

Not many people live in this isolated village. In 2010, there were only 208 people. Is an Indian tribe named Havasupai that has existed in Supai for the last 800 years? Outsiders who wish to enter Supai must obtain approval from the Havasupai Tribal Council.

Despite its remote location, the name Supai is now gaining popularity among tourists. Evidently, there are about 5.5 million people who come to Supai every year. There is no ground transportation that can take you to Supai, so you can only use a helicopter. If your budget is limited, you can get to Supai by climbing or riding a donkey.

Supai Grand Canyon

There is not even a special lodging place in this village. However, you can stay in a simple hut belonging to a local tribe that is open from February to November.

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There are many interesting things that you can find while in the Supai Grand Canyon, namely green vegetation and a waterfall that is at an altitude of 100 meters with turquoise water. On the other hand, the buildings in Supai are also still original and very simple, such as churches, elementary schools, simple shops, cafes, and post offices.

How, interesting is not it? Supai Grand Canyon can be an anti-mainstream destination. It’s not a luxury facility that you will get while in this village, but it is a unique and memorable holiday experience.

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