Amazing Future Building Design in The World

Future Building Design is a work of architecture that is amazing in the world, so it makes many people look away and have the curiosity to visit it. This great work has been created in several cities around the world. There are in Dubai, New York in Tokyo Japan and other countries. In the following, we will review modern buildings that built futuristic style in several countries

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

The first Future Building Design is the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel in Dubai. Covering an area of more than 260 hectares, Hydropolis Underwater Hotel will be the largest luxurious underwater hotel in the world. Its construction is designed based on the human body parts, divided into three areas. The land station, the connecting tunnel where all guests will be escorted by train to the main areas of building and the 220 suites within the submarine building.


The design from aerial view creates a figure-eight look that forms a circle. Below the basin, the spaces are created as a function room where restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, and the thematic suites are placed. Going deeper, there is a ballroom located in the center of the hotel, with connecting pathways to every story. On the top of the building, a half-circle roof is made retractable, enabling it to open for a sky view and close when the weather is uneasy.

Dynamic tower

The first Future Building Design is the Dynamic Tower in Dubai. Dubai seems to never short of architectural ambitions and almost definitely capital. Another engineering marvel is cooking and it goes under the name: Dynamic Tower. It will, as planned to be the first 80 storeys moving skyscraper in the world. Each prefabricated floors can spin independently at its axis for 360 degrees, taking approximately 90 minutes for a full rotation.


The Tower does not have an exact shape since is the floors are moveable. This results in an ever-changing shape. Inspired by the earth’s rotation, The Dynamic Tower takes its inhabitants on an awesome scenic ride powered by its 79 giant wind turbines.

The Dragonfly

The third Future Building Design is the Dragonfly in NewYork. The city that never sleeps, New York is on its way to building a new skyscraper with an urban farm concept. Designed at Roosevelt’s Island, it will proudly stand amongst the other tall skyscrapers of NYC. The design itself is inspired by the wings of a dragonfly, which sophisticatedly turns the entire building to become an incredible utopian superstructure.

The Dragonfly-future-building-design

The Dragonfly has 132 floors accommodating 28 different agricultural fields. The Dragonfly architect, Vincent Callebaut, designs this building to be constructed by steel and glass on the wings. In addition to being a beautifully designed skyscraper, The Dragonfly is self-sufficient with solar and wind power.

Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid

Who else but the Japanese could imagine competing with the ancient Egyptians and build an epic pyramid? The Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid in Tokyo bay Japan is 12 times taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.


The construction follows the original shape of the pyramid with 5 stacked trusses, designed in similar angles to its Giza inspiration.

Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid is Future Building Design and it will built-in sturdy and solid construction since Japan is prone to earthquakes. The foundation is formed with 36 piles of concrete and the trusses are made from carbon nanotubes, a material strong enough to withstand the quakes. Built over the Tokyo Bay, this pyramid is set to levitate and dubbed as The Pyramid in the Air.

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