Dordrecht Netherlands, The Charm of The Old Dutch City

Dordrecht Netherlands – If we look from the train station to the surrounding environment, there is nothing special about this city. But after 5 minutes walking to the city center of Dordrecht, an old villa with its beautiful garden begins to appear. The river is calm with a frame of rows of trees, as well as winding and rocky roads. The aura of the old city is increasingly felt with a row of buildings with gable cornices (wall hangings on the roof) typical of the Netherlands, as often seen in typical Dutch souvenirs. The beauty of the city of Dordrecht is increasingly felt when we encounter the waters. Various types of ships along the river banks that are between buildings give a different atmosphere of the city.

Water recreation

Dordrecht Netherlands is a city that is quite unique because it is surrounded and connected by 5 rivers. The city was once a pier and the center of Dutch trade around the 15th century. Canal and bustle of the pier are the golden days of Dordrecht around the 12th century to around 16 century. So it can be seen that the city center and its activities are mostly carried out in areas close to the canals. The canals and hundreds of ships that are anchored by a row of old warehouses that are now both residential and commercial are the main attractions of the city of Dordrecht. By using a ferry, we can enjoy the view from the waters toward the row of classic buildings and under the bridge. No wonder that many Dutch artists capture the scenery from this ship on their canvas.

Shopping tour

Spending a day in the city of Dordrecht Netherlands for a tour is very pleasant. We can find various shops around Coorstraat, especially art shops, galleries, antique shops, art and antique collector shops, and studios. Storefront is a treat that is interesting on a small road that is convenient for pedestrians or bicycles. If tired, cafes and restaurants can be used as a place to rest for a while. In contrast to other big cities, many commercial activities are carried on for generations. Art and cultural activities are routinely held at the beginning of each month. Of course, several museums can also be found in this city.

Building Tourism

Like European cities, churches are historic buildings that are generally still well maintained. Likewise, Dordrecht, Grote Kerk or a large church, is one of the buildings worth visiting. The church with the Gothic remains has a nearly 70-meter tower in massive form, still using dome built entirely of stone. At the top of the tower, there are 4 clocks that point to the four cardinal points and are equipped with as many as 67 bells. To ring the bells it takes several people and previous practice.


In addition to the church, there are still nearly 1,000 registered old architectural works preserved in the form of government buildings, dwellings, dock warehouses, water towers, and windmill buildings as well as several statues that were built several centuries ago.


Natural tourism

If you are bored with the buildings and the atmosphere of the city, a natural and beautiful rural atmosphere can be enjoyed in the Dordrecht kora park, with shady old trees and ponds. Just touring and having a picnic in the park is very fun.

Not even far from Dordrecht, there is the Biesbosch national park. Located in the South of the Netherlands, which can be reached in about 15 minutes by train from Rotterdam, until now Dordrecht Netherlands keeps the charm of natural beauty and classic buildings as the oldest city in the Netherlands.

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