Best City Parks in The World

Best City Parks in The World – If you are visiting Europe, South America or Iran, make time to visit and enjoy the beauty of a number of parks and fields below.

A number of major cities in the world are known for their representative open fields for citizens to gather and do activities. Some of them wore the name “plaza” which means field or open space. Next is the best public space field in the world by the version of the Public Space Project, an urban and sustainable NGO spatial organization based in New York, United States.

Find Below Best City Parks in The World

Piazza Del Campo, Sienna Italy

The first Best City Parks in The World is Piazza Del Campo. It is surrounded by medieval-style Gothic buildings, among which there are small alleys. Here people used to gather rendezvous, sit in the field while enjoying the sunshine. While there are cafes and people walking back and forth on foot.

Coven Garden London, England

Covent Garden is one of the public open fields in London which are visited by many tourists, besides Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus. Incidentally, these four fields are located close together. Covent Garden is dubbed the best “festival market” in the world because here we can find many street food vendors, handicrafts, street entertainment, restaurants, museums to the opera house.

Best-City-Parks-in- The-World-Coven-Garden-London

Rynek Glowny Main Zquare, Krakow, Poland

The next Best City Parks in The World is Rynek Glowny Main Zquare. The 200m x 200m square, which can be reached from eleven access roads, is the main square in Krakow. Besides being able to sit on a park bench and in the various cafes available, this field is also surrounded by shopping, several museums, campuses, churches, theater buildings, cinemas and several important public facilities that can be reached only on foot. Security on the side is very guaranteed because on one side there is a police station.

Campo Santa Margherita, Venice Italy

Campo which means the field, Santa Margherita is a long field located in the Dorsoduro district, Venice. Previously on one side of the square, there was a church called Santa Margherita which was closed in 1810, then became a cinema and university building. Surrounded by a variety of buildings, some of which are from the 14th century, including mixed buildings that function as private homes, as well as restaurants, bars, flower markets, and attractive shops.


This field is the heart of every Venetian life because it is the most lively and lively. Ordinary residents shop for basic needs such as eggs, bread to clothing boutiques to sit in cafes and restaurants as well as a meeting point for young people and students from the University of Venice and the University of Ca ‘Foscari. Rows of neatly arranged old buildings exude a sense of warmth and protection for residents.

Imam Square, Isfahan Iran (Best City Parks in The World)

The next Best City Parks in The World is Imam Square in Iran. Many said this is the most beautiful and largest field in the world, 160 meters wide and 560 meters long. The square is surrounded by shops, cafes and the Great Shah mosque and the Luftallah mosque, two buildings that have charming architecture. The field is clean, there are many chairs in the park, and it is used for activities of residents of all ages, men, women, from children who play to the elderly. This field is also used as a place to meet and socialize for local residents.

Plaza De La Constitucion De Oaxaca, Mexico City, Mexico

Do you believe that this field has existed since 500 years ago? Yes, this field was once used by Aztec Indians, as well as a historical center in Mexico City. After the Spanish invasion, the park, also called Zocalo, had a cathedral and the Governor’s office. The Zocalo model was adopted by other parks in various countries in South America. In this Zocalo children can freely play, their parents are also free to relax on a park bench while enjoying the sound of a fountain. Street vendors who sell food are also neatly arranged here. One music cafe often holds shows every Thursday night. Because it is located between a church and a government building, in addition to being a place of socialization for residents, church members, this place is also a place of demonstration.

Plaza de Armas, Cuzco, Peru (Best City Parks in The World)

The next Best City Parks in The World is Plaza de Armas. This square, located in the center of Cuzco, Peru, has a very beautiful landscape. Trees, lights, park benches, and shelters make this field a favorite for lunch. There are two Spanish heritage churches that stand on the side of the field, as well as hills and mountains.


The scenery in this field is very beautiful. The majority of residents who go on foot to meet this place day and night, just to meet people, socialize, go to church, shop or sit and eat at restaurants around the field. Not only that, but this field is also used for festivals, art exhibitions, concerts to demonstrations.

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