Beautiful Sunrise in Indonesia, Best Places

Beautiful Sunrise – Some tourists will be amazed by the breathtaking The Amazing view of sunrise. They will try to see the sunrise wherever located In Indonesia which is an island country has many interesting places to enjoy the view of the beautiful sunrise.

This time will show in some areas in Indonesia which is a favorite spot for tourists from all over the world. In some tourist spots below, you will be presented with an attractive panoramic view, mountains, lakes, temples and others and of course with a beautiful sunrise view.

Find Best Places Beautiful Sunrise in Indonesia

Dieng, Wonosobo, Central Java

The first beautiful sunrise view is in Dieng, “The Country above the clouds”, that’s the right word spoken when we see the sunrise at mountains Sikunir in Mount Dieng. With high mountains about 2400 DPL, we are treated to natural phenomena, namely discharge of the sun from the earth. Around 4 o’clock in the morning, you had to be rushed to the hill Sikunir with the motor vehicle or car into the parking lot around Cebong lake.

Followed by walking about 400 meters to the summit in silence Sikunir morning with the cold atmosphere that adds to the ambiance Dieng mountains more beautiful. While you are up on the top, you will be amazed to see God’s creation is so perfect. Cover fog lay across part of the earth, only peaks visible from the front of our eyes. Along with the first appearance of the sun from the earth. It’s like a land above the clouds.


Sanur Beach (Sunrise Beach) Bali

The second place of the beautiful sunrise view is in Sanur Beach. The main thing about Sanur beach is for surfing. Sanur is famous especially for surfing activities among foreign tourists. Still, around Sanur beach, there is also a diving and snorkeling locations. Due to the condition of a friendly beach, dive sites can be used by divers both beginners and advanced. Not only convenient for snorkeling or surfing, but Sanur Beach in Bali is also known as Sunrise Beach, in addition to Kuta Beach in Bali also, One of the famous beaches in this area called Sunrise Beach. Why is it called a sunrise beach? Since the beach is always offering a wonderful view of the rising sun in the mornings. Every morning around 5:30 am, you will see a lot of tourists that await the beautiful sunrise. Along the coast of Sanur that has welcomed millions of enchanting beauty sunrise.


Mount Bromo, East Java (Beautiful Sunrise in Indonesia)

The third place of the beautiful sunrise view is in Bromo. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park located in Mount Bromo is unique with sea sand area of ​​5.250 hectares at an altitude of 2392 dpl. The mountain is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia, but it has a spectacular and dramatic. Exceptional beauty makes tourists who visit will be amazed. You can ride horses and climb Mount Bromo through the steps and see the beautiful sunrise. Charm charming sun at sunrise and sunset would be a deeply personal experience when you see it in person.


Strategic location to see the beautiful sunrise from the summit of the mountain is Pananjakan, wherefrom the east, the tourists can see the beauty of the creator of the rising sun slowly rose from behind the cold morning mist. While on the west side, the scenery is an equally beautiful expanse of Mount Bromo, Batok, Semeru, Widodaren, and Tengger mountain peaks are almost always shrouded in thick fog. This is where a good time to admire the beauty of nature that can not emulate the man-made beauty. There is no one word that can accurately describe the beauty of this place.

Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java

The fourth-place of beautiful sunrise view is in Borobudur Temple. Witnessing the grandeur and beauty of the reliefs and stupas at Borobudur is a coveted thing. They came together throngs from various corners of the country and the continent to witness the beauty of the Buddhist temple built in the 9th century. One of the best times to enjoy the full details of the temple in the morning while watching the sunrise from behind the volcano. Early morning at around o4: 30 am stars seen scattered on the dark blue dawn sky.


The morning atmosphere was so quiet and calm, away from the hustle-bustle. Some foreign tourists sitting at the third level, they look so enjoy the fresh morning air and the silence there. Although there is no ranks stupa as in level 8 and 9, level 3 being one of the favorites of tourists to watch the rising sun, because there are no temple walls as high as blocking the view. A not long burst of light emerged from behind Mount Merapi. The sun slowly emerged and spread light in all directions. Golden rays that hit the statues of Buddha and the temple hall hallway bleak portrait temple dispel cold and stiff and replaced with warmth. Also participated birds chirping merrily welcomes the presence of a perfect morning.

Lake Kelimutu, Ende, East Nusa Tenggara

The fifth-place of beautiful sunrise view is in Lake Kelimutu. Lake Kelimutu is located in the district, Ende, East Nusa Tenggara islands. Lake Kelimutu offers the charm of three attractive colors. Each lake has a name, which Lake Tiwu Nuamuri Koofai, Lake Tiwu Ata Mbupu, Lake Tiwu  Ata Polo. It is said that these lakes are a gathering place for the spirits of the ancestors.


The best time to visit Lake Flores is at sunrise. Here is where you can capture the most beautiful moments in the land of Flores, the beautiful sunrise. If you want to see beautiful Sunrise, you have to leave at 4:30 pm from the residence located near the area Flores. You have to climb the mountain for about 15 minutes at a distance of about 3 KM. We recommend that you prepare your physical before the climb because the path is quite steep and rocky. Along the way, you will be faced with a staircase that will lead you to Kelimutu peak at an altitude of 1.690 meters above sea level. The number of steps was not the least, there are about 236 steps. Although the route is quite steep with hundreds of steps, all of the fatigue are erased once it reached the top of Kelimutu. Red sunrise will welcome your arrival. The lake three colors will accompany your morning in Lake Kelimutu.

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