The Most Beautiful Bridge in The World

The Most Beautiful Bridge in The World – The magnificent and beautiful bridge can be a prestigious landmark for the country, it’s will be remembered as well as the tourists who vacation to a country or city. There are four cities in the world with the most beautiful bridge, as conveyed by the Huffington Post.

Golden Gate Bridge USA

One of The Most Beautiful Bridge in The World is Golden Gate Bridge USA. This bridge is very popular, it’s often displayed in box office movie. The beauty and grandeur of the Golden Gate can not be denied. The bridge was established in 1973, the bridge is a landmark of downtown San Francisco has a bright red color that contrasts with the surrounding blue waters and blue sky. The elegance bridge is increasingly seen as night falls. Thousands lined the beautiful lights along with the bridge’s cables and lines. Water that darkness becomes a perfect mirror to reflect beautiful light from the lamp on the bridge. If you are planning a vacation to the land of Uncle Sam, do not forget to visit this beautiful bridge in San Francisco, California


Khaju Bridge Isfahan Iran

old city Ishafan in Iran is home to one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, the Khaju bridge. This bridge extends over a calm Zayandeh river, the bridge was founded in 1650 during the reign of Shah Abbas noble, charismatic leader who had constructed many beautiful mosques and palaces in his day. This bridge has 24 arches and filled with carved solid to the smallest detail. Many couples who spent time here while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the bridge. At nightfall, the bridge will be in a sprinkle of yellow light that bounces perfectly on the surface of the water. So very romantic.


Chengyang Bridge China

One of The Most Beautiful Bridge in The World is Chengyang Bridge China. This bridge was built by the minority Sanjiang Dong province, southern China, in 1916. The bridge is made to be crossed at any time, even during rainstorms and snow, so the whole village Provence remained connected, a bridge shaped like a row of houses built in traditional China was traditionally made of wood, stone, and marble. As a result, the bridge is full of Chinese traditional architecture. Not only that, the inside of the bridge is equipped with wise sentence engravings taken from old books. In addition to the pass, the bridge is also a tourist destination, because of the beauty of its architecture.


Stari Most Bridge Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Most Beautiful Bridge in The World is Stari Most Bridge. This beautiful bridge was established 400 years ago, long before the Bosnia and Herzegovina became a State, or is now located in the old town of Mostar. The bridge is set up to connect the two areas that are separated by the Neretva river it’s bright blue.


The presence of green trees around it, the bridge is made from limestone looks very pretty, whether viewed from a distance and seen up close. This bridge looks like a bridge in a fairy tale. But saying, the Balkan wars in the former Yugoslavia region in 1993 had made some parts of this bridge broken. Now the bridge is included in the World Heritage protected by UNESCO.

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