How Much Are Disney Dollars Worth?

How Much Are Disney Dollars Worth – When it involves kids and money, we all know what happens. the cash either gets spent the incorrect way, or it gets lost. With Disney Dollars and Disneyland Merchandise cards, you’ll be ready to hamper on some of this.

History Of Disney Dollars

Disney Dollars, the brainchild of Disneyland silhouette cutter Harry Brice, was first issued in 1987 from the Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland California. Manufactured by EPI in Battle Creek, Michigan, the notes were actually the primary 4-color printed notes issued within the U.S.

These weren’t just ordinary pieces of souvenir currency. Disney Dollars were tender issued by the Disney Company, which were accepted in Disney World, Disneyland California, Disney Stores, Disney Cruise ships, and in parts of Castaway Cay (Disney’s privately owned Caribbean island).

Since Disney Dollars might be used across Disney property, they really had numerous anti-counterfeiting measures built-in to the planning. Microprinting, reflective ink, imprinting, serial numbers, and even scattered glitter. They were printed on 100% cotton paper and Scrooge McDuck was the signing treasurer.

How Much Are Disney Dollars Worth

About How Much Are Disney Dollars Worth, They were first issued in denominations of $1 and $5. But in 1990, $10 denominations were added and there have been a series of $50 released in 2005.

Disney Dollars had an honest run of just about 30 years but in May 2016, printing was discontinued. This was in large part right down to the expansion of Disney Gift Cards and therefore the inevitable and perpetual decline of money.

Still, Disney Dollars survive through collectors and Disney enthusiasts around the world. Whilst you’ll not purchase the notes directly from Disney, the secondary private seller marketplace remains going strong. you’ll still redeem them on Disney property but you’d need to be a touch out of your mind since they’ll take them at face value and that I can assure you that the majority are worth a good bit quite that.

Disney Dollars work a bit like cash at Disneyland. They can be used anywhere within the park, and at certain hotels. they will even be used at local Disney stores in your area. The Disneyland Merchandise Card works more sort of a MasterCard. The amount of cash you load on the cardboard is what proportion is available. All of this fits quite nicely into the free pass holder, so there’ll be less chance of losing the dollars or the cardboard.

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So, How Much Are Disney Dollars Worth?

One dollar in uncirculated condition costs between $130-$175 and that they go up in value by denomination. Now that they’re not being printed anymore, they’re in high demand. If you ever encounter any Disney Dollars you ought to keep them because they’re worth tons quite face value!

You can also purchase a Disneyland Resort Gift Card. This card can only be used at the Disney Resorts, also like stores that accept credit cards at Disneyland. These cards also make great gift items for anyone who loves Disneyland, or for anyone who is planning a visit to Disneyland. This is a great thanks to budget money for souvenirs also as snacks items while at Disneyland. That’s all above about How Much Are Disney Dollars Worth

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