Christmas Day Disneyland, What’s Special?

Christmas Day Disneyland – Christmas is probably the most joyful season for a youngster. Investing in the most joyful energy of the year, at the most joyful put on earth, could be a fantasy that works out as expected for some youngsters and grown-ups.

What’s Special at Christmas Day Disneyland

If you attend Disneyland during the Christmas holidays, these are the items you should not miss.

Christmas Decorations

The first special at Christmas Day Disneyland is Christmas decoration. It takes quite 100,000 new plants, 300 Christmas trees, and 10,000 poinsettias to urge the park dressed up for Christmas. In Town Square at the top of Main Street, you will find a 60-foot-tall Christmas tree covered with thousands of lights and ornaments. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle gets sparkly, sporting snow-topped turrets, and quite 80,000 lights. Elsewhere, don’t expect something hanging from every limb and lightweight pole, but all the main walkways are decorated.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

The mansion takes on elements from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” that make it one among Disneyland’s most fun Christmas spots. Ride twice to ascertain it all, and walk by after dark to ascertain the flickering candles in every window.

It’s a small world (Christmas Day Disneyland)

The famous ride is exuberantly decorated for Christmas, and there is a Christmas music track. If you’re keen on the ride but hate the song, the vacations are the time to travel. Not only does it’s a little world that plays seasonal music, but they pump in seasonal scents that are tied to the geographical area. While you’re looking around, sniff for scents of peppermint, coconut, cinnamon, or cherry blossoms.

Parade at Santa at Christmas Day Disneyland

Christmas Parade

The Disneyland Christmas parade features characters in holiday costumes, and therefore the band adorned sort of a box filled with tin soldiers. Check the entertainment schedule or Disneyland app to seek out the parade times. the foremost crowded place to observe it’s along Main Street, but it is also the foremost beautiful. You’ll also find many places to observe around the small world plaza.

The Mickey’s Happy Holidays parade at California Adventure celebrates not only Christmas but Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Diwali. Characters within the parade also wear seasonal clothing.

Night Magic

The next special at Christmas Day Disneyland is Night Magic. You’ll always find magical things to try to do at Disneyland after dark, but during the Christmas season, staying past sunset may be a must. Not only are you able to watch the vacation fireworks, but the castle puts on a periodic holiday display that’s sure to enchant you.

Fireworks (Christmas Day Disneyland)

Disneyland creates a replacement show for each season, and yuletide is not any exception. And albeit you’re in sunny southern California, snowfalls at the top. to urge the simplest snowfall effect, check the map you’ll get at the doorway to ascertain the locations.

World of Color Holiday Show

In Disney California Adventure, the favored World of Color water show takes on a vacation theme.

Santa at Christmas Day Disneyland


The next special at Christmas Day Disneyland is Santa Clause. At Disney California Adventure Park, Santa and his elves turn the Redwood Creek Challenge into a winter playground. Of course, you’ll take pictures with Santa, and if you create Santa’s nice list, he might tell you your secret elf name.

Candy Canes

Disneyland’s holiday candy canes may fire up the most important fuss over an item of candy anywhere. The Candy Palace on Main Street, U.S.A. produces them starting right after Thanksgiving. they create a couple of small batches each day, a couple of days every week, and every guest can purchase just two. If you would like one, devour a ticket at the shop immediately after the park opens.

Candlelight Processional (Christmas Day Disneyland)

The 2019 Candlelight Ceremony is going to be persisted Immaculate Conception and 9. It’s good to understand, but harder to ascertain. Reserved seating is restricted to invited guests and fans are known to attend all day along Main Street U.S.A. for the few rooms only spaces. It’s easier to catch a glimpse of the choir processions along Main Street which usually start at 5:20 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Attractions and shops around Town Square are going to be closed or have reduced hours.

Christmas Day Disneyland

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At Christmas, Disneyland visitors can enjoy moderate temperatures and the tiny chance of rain. The park’s seasonal decorations and events are fun to ascertain and luxuriate in. And for families, the youngsters could also be out of faculty for their winter break. With all those things going for it, Christmas could seem sort of a blast of year to think about making a vis

Christmas Day Disneyland is an encounter that will never be failed to remember, and can never be coordinated. Disneyland attempts to make Christmas unique.

Santa Clause’s Reindeer Roundup is particularly fun, permitting youngsters to adorn Christmas treats with Mrs. Provision, play Reindeer Games, and make occasion gifts. Between observing the entirety of the characters spruced up in their vacation outfits and appreciating the ‘day off’ the Fireworks, Christmas at Disneyland can’t be topped!

Ensure that you visit the Christmas Shoppe and purchase an extraordinary occasion decoration. Likewise, partake in the entirety of the extraordinary occasion rides. Visiting Disneyland at Christmas time is not normal for some other Disneyland get-away you will actually take. Ensure you get an image of the Christmas tree!

Despite the fact that Christmas is viewed as a ‘slow time of year’ you should be ready for swarms. Christmas Day Disneyland is an exceptionally famous chance to visit Disneyland. Reserve a spot well ahead of time.

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