Best 12 Things To Do in Eagle River Wis

Things To Do in Eagle River – It is located on the 28th largest chain of lakes and freshwater chains in the world, located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northwoods region. This place is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. The River Wis has everything you need for a fun and relaxing holiday in the north. Stunning beauty, great recreational opportunities, quirky shops, and restaurants that taste great. Here we’ve compiled some of our favorite things to see and do in there.

Favorite Activities to See and Do in Eagle River

Below are 12 favorite activities that we have compiled, for your holiday activities while in Eagle River Wis United States.

Beautiful Air Tour

Beautiful Air Tour in Eagle River Wis

The First Things To Do in Eagle River is enjoying a beautiful air tour. This 30-minute tour will blow your mind. You will literally never realize how many lakes there are until you wake up in the air. You can fly over your residence and get spectacular views over there.

Twisted Eagle River Historical Tour

Things To Do in Eagle River

Lizzie is your tour guide on this 60-minute walking tour of downtown Eagle River Wis. You will learn about the beginning of there, learn about some of the darker things that happened in there, histories such as Indian massacre activities and Chicago Gangster activities. While not a ghost tour, it’s still a fun way to learn about the River and hear some weird jokes.

Pirates Hideaway (Things To Do in Eagle River)

Pirates Hideaway in Eagle River Wis

Set up a Sail on the Chain of Lakes with Pirates Hideaway. They are expanding their business every year and hope to add a full restaurant in the near future. Meanwhile, there’s a great tiki bar where Lizzie bartends and the pirate ship is a great way to chill out at this chain.

Northwoods Escape Room

The next Things To Do in Eagle River is enjoying the Northwoods escape room. If there’s something Lumley loves, it’s a challenge. The escape room provides just that. There are 3 different themes to choose from, and all of them are a lot of fun. Lumley has done escape rooms all over the United States and these rooms are top-notch. Make sure to stop and visit.

Horseback Riding

There are several stables around the River, some of which are Rocking W, Pine Point, and one on the road to St. Germain at Elmer’s. Horse support for riding through the forest is very peaceful. Several rides take you down the Wisconsin River.

Dine at Northwoods Restaurant Restoran

Dine at an authentic Northwoods restaurant. The mainstay menu offered is fresh fried fish. Enjoy your afternoon at this restaurant, with a stunning view of the surrounding Eagle River.

Go fishing “Trophy Fishing”

Eagle River hosts hundreds of lakes known for their excellent “Trophy Fishing”, especially muskies.

Visit the Northwoods Children’s Museum

Both children and adults can enjoy hands-on fun at the museum, which hosts 23 interactive and educational exhibits, as well as a number of themed programs, events, and exhibitions throughout the year.

Play Snowmobiling or Snowmobile

The next Things To Do in Eagle River Wis is play snowmobile. Thanks to the many snowmobile clubs that maintain a network of 500-mile trails known as the “Eagle River 500,” It is known as the site of some of the best snowmobiling in the Midwest.

Water Activities at Eagle River

The River lake network provides non-stop water activities and entertainment. Many people come to boat, water ski, canoe, or fish for the musky trophy. However, at one of the lakeside taverns, you can appreciate the surrounding scenery without getting wet.

Visiting the Shops (Things To Do in Eagle River)

Beat the summer heat by enjoying hand-dipped ice cream before exploring one of the many local art galleries. The downtown area is filled with shops selling handicrafts, antiques, moccasins, and sweets, and you’re guaranteed to find an item or two that you can’t leave behind.

Tasting Fresh Berry Wine

The next Things To Do in Eagle River Wis is tasting fresh berry wine. If you need to quench your thirst, Three Lakes Winery produces fresh fruit and berry wines, including Wisconsin’s first cranberry wine, and offers free daily tours from May through October. Be sure to sample some of the seasonal variations during your visit.

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Nicolet National Forest Near Eagle River

The 657,000-acre Nicolet National Forest stands next to the River and offers many non-motorized hikers and backpackers to explore the region. Self-guided tours and trails are available throughout the park and vary depending on the level of difficulty.

If you prefer cycling to walk, you can cycle along the many lakes or rivers surrounded by dense forests. Birdwatching is also a favorite pastime, and you can spot a lion or woodpecker hiding among the colorful wildflowers.

Accommodation in Eagle River

There are many places to stay in the Eagle River area. It all depends on what suits your fancy, as you can choose to camp under the stars, stay comfortable in a B&B, sleep well in a hotel, or be pampered at a luxury resort for your vacation.

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